School Library Connection

School Library Connection (SLC) is an extensive learning resource center for school library professionals. As the combined evolution of School Library Monthly and Library Media Connection magazines, SLC maintains their commitment to providing those in the school library field with practical insights and inspiration while also advancing the scope and mission of its predecessors.

SLC is helmed by instructional leaders in school librarianship—Carl A. Harvey II, Leslie B. Preddy, and Rebecca J. Morris—who select and edit Articles in three key areas: Organization & Management, Instructional Leadership, and Perspectives & Partners. SLC also features self-paced professional learning Workshops & Webinars featuring leaders in librarianship. Curriculum Connection on SLC features curricular support resources curated by Tom Bober (Elementary School) and Liz Deskins (Middle & High School) and includes archived learning plans and related materials to support teaching. reVIEWS+ is a powerful search engine built to instantly connect school librarians and educators with reviews to help build and refine their collections. Reviewers add hundreds of product reviews each month, Sylvia Vardell provides insight on reading, literature, and literacy, as well as highlighting recommended titles to consider adding to your collection.

About Libraries Unlimited

School Library Connection is a publication of Libraries Unlimited, a publisher in the field of academic, public, school, and special libraries since 1964. Libraries Unlimited’s mission—to cultivate and maintain a supportive community where librarians, archivists, and information specialists can learn about and discuss leading-edge trends and acquire new skills through every phase of their careers—is supported by over 2,000 publications. Since 2008, Libraries Unlimited has been an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, an award-winning publisher of digital and print products in the realms of reference, contemporary thought, and professional development. With both a long-standing reputation for authoritative and trustworthy materials and a current prominence in delivering cutting-edge content in diverse and innovative forms, ABC-CLIO continues to be driven by pursuit of its core mission: to serve as source, catalyst, and support of lifelong learning.

School Library Connection Editors
Carl A. Harvey II
Rebecca J. Morris
Leslie B. Preddy

reVIEWS+ Editor
Sylvia Vardell

Curriculum Connection Editors
Liz Deskins
Tom Bober

Advisory Board
Steven M. Baule
Tasha Bergson-Michelson
Maria Cahill
Sabrina Carnesi
Audrey Church
Sharon Coatney
Jeffrey DiScala
Carolyn Foote
Lucy Santos Green
Paige Jaeger
Debra Kay Logan
Judi Moreillon
Terrence E. Young, Jr.

Reviews Advisory Panel
Tiffeni Fontno
Danielle Hartsfield
Michelle Hudiburg
Jenna Spiering

Editorial Director
David Paige

Deputy Editor
Mary Bagne

Reviews Editor
Doug Ogden

Assistant Reviews Editor
Alex Casavant

Professional Development Specialist
Jane B. Cullina