Growing Resilient Researchers: A Roundtable
Rebranding Research

In the spirit of celebrating that there's more than one way to eat a watermelon, for our summer spectacular, we've invited four high school librarians to share their experiences teaching research skills to students. More specifically, these reflective educators describe how they infuse ideas of resiliency into their instruction. Despite student dreams to the contrary, meaningful research goes beyond typing a few key terms into Google and calling it done. It's hard. And it requires experiencing confusion, frustration, and resisting the siren call of believing everything you read on the Internet. So how do you help students develop the confidence to move through these tricky spots and persist in creating meaning out of the process? If you're in need of inspiration, take a look at how these teachers have tackled it and share your thoughts on the topic with us on Twitter: @SLC_Online #PDwithSLC.

Putting the Priority on Process by Amianne Bailey

In the past, Amianne's students' lack of agency in their research projects hindered their motivation. Learn how she successfully rebranded the process and turned a colleague intent on teacher-assigned topics, questions, and learning products into one willing to embrace student choice.

Time (Can Be) On Our Side by Sara Kelley-Mudie

Is there a way to make real research projects align more with the ideal? Find out how Sara manipulates time to teach students greater persistence and build their affective awareness.

Evaluating Information with Acronyms Aplenty by Suzanne Sannwald

In search of a way to coach students to effectively evaluate sources through lateral reading, Suzanne developed a new acronym. Discover what WAAC means and how it fared with students at her high school.

Blending Learning to Create Resilient Researchers by Lindsey Ann Weaver

What do you get when you pair one biology teacher, an inventive school librarian, and the principles of blended learning? Find out in this description of Lindsey's transformative research process.

Amianne Bailey, Sara Kelley-Mudie, Suzanne Sannwald, and Lindsey Ann Weaver

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