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Reviews Roundup: Summer Recharge

Summer is traditionally a time of vacations, road trips, camps, and…vicious warlord cats? Oh, and let's not forget about ancient Egyptian time traveling! Channel your inner feline emperor and dominate your summer reading challenge by getting paws on some of SLC's favorite summer titles! Travel through 2500 BCE and explore the sights and smells of a far-flung land, journey with two Latino friends as they road trip to a destination characterized by personal revelation and self-discovery, and join a young Mexican girl in America who is determined to learn English and who lands a dream role while attending an animal shelter summer camp. Whether you're looking for a rollicking, humor-laced interspecies-crossover, or a more contemplative sojourn through the turbulent teenage years, with a story that uniquely unfolds against a brilliant summer backdrop, there is something on this list for everyone!

Reviews Roundup Dead Weight
Terry Blas & Molly Muldoon
Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom
2018. Oni Press. Grades 6-12

Summer camp is supposed to be filled with fun, relaxation, making new friends, and forming lasting memories. But for Jesse, Noah, Tony, and Kate, their summer is turning out to be anything but….These quirky and originally written characters offer a refreshing perspective on body image and the trials of being a teenager. With illustrations that provide just the right amount of detail to the progression of the story, this would be a great addition to any graphic novel library.
—Reviewed by Emily Skrezec
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Reviews Roundup Lety
Angela Cervantes
Lety Out Loud
2019. Scholastic, Inc. Grades 3-8

Lety and some of her classmates are spending the summer at Furry Friends Animal Shelter Summer Camp. Lety's classroom at school is for English language learners and Lety, who arrived from Mexico three years ago, has worked hard to master English. When the opportunity to step into the role of the shelter scribe, who writes profiles for animals hoping to find forever homes, is offered to her, Lety is met with encouragement from friends who want her to take the job…. This is a story of kindness, love of animals, and appreciative awareness of those learning the English language.
—Reviewed by Susan Black
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Reviews Roundup Klawde
Johnny Marciano and Emily Chenoweth
Klawde: Evil Alien Warcraft #1
2019. Penguin Workshop. Grade 3-5

Klawde is not a nice cat. Sentenced to exile on Earth by the Supremest Court of the planet Lytterboks, he takes shelter with Raj Banerjee who, in the summer before sixth grade, has just moved from Brooklyn, New York, to Elba, Oregon. When Klawde rings the doorbell, Raj lets him in and immediately wants to keep him. It's not enough that Raj feels like an exile, but as part of the bargain to keep the cat, he agrees to attend nature survival camp…. Young readers will have to work to understand Klawde's point of view and esoteric vocabulary, but the reward is lots of action mixed with laughter.
—Reviewed by Elizabeth Dejean
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Reviews Roundup Barely
Matt Mendez
Barely Missing Everything
2018. Atheneum (Simon & Schuster). Grade 9-12

In this gut-wrenching novel, Mendez illuminates the endlessly destructive cycle of poverty, teenage pregnancy, ethnic profiling, prison, deteriorating families, alcohol abuse, bad decisions, and low self-esteem. Told in three alternating voices, characters are authentically realized through candid dialogue laced with profanity. This novel would be a good fit for highly diversified libraries and in particular those libraries with a large Latina/o population. Readers will easily sympathize with these characters that yearn for a better life.
—Reviewed by Tena Litherland
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Reviews Roundup Hot
Linda Bailey
Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt
2018. Kids Can Press. Grades 4-6

The Binkerton siblings' mind-numbingly boring summer vacation gets turned topsy-turvy when they open the cover of a travel guide and find themselves transported back to Ancient Egypt in the year 2500 BCE…. Young readers will happily follow along with the humorous illustrations as Josh, Emma, and Libby discover Egyptian geography, food, architecture, and more. An enjoyable twist on historical fiction, this title will surely appeal to both budding history buffs and those who enjoy the adventurous world of graphic novels.
—Reviewed by Gwyneth Henning
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