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November 2018
1Q Survey: Tools to Promote Reading?
James Allen
It is likely many of you already use some amount of social media, or maybe a website, to tell the story of your library program. However, are we also using social media as an avenue to promote books, both print and digital, to our students and teachers? Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even just emailed newsletters, can make it very easy to promote reading to our students and families. Read More
Breakout & Escape!
by Maddie Powell
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School Librarian Leaders On-Demand
by Melissa Thom
About This Webinar

In this webinar, Melissa Thom shares effective strategies to facilitate, develop, and nurture an impactful culture of reading for both students and staff at your school.

Watch the webinar today to learn:

  • Tangible & practical ways to develop a school-wide culture of reading tailored to meet the needs of your unique learning environment
  • Strategies to engage and empower all members of your school community—both students and staff members—to be active participants in a culture of reading
  • How to expand the definition of what constitutes "reading" to include e-books, audiobooks, and nontraditional literature in both school and classroom libraries
  • Tips for building and sustaining a high quality, high interest book collection on a budget
Curriculum Connection
Evaluating Sources
by Tom Bober
Notes from the Editors
In this lesson, students will practice corroborating information found in a variety of sources on a single topic.
Liz Deskins
Diving Deep into Source Selection
Note from the Editor
Picture books have a special niche in the childhood experience. Sharing a book with a young child is such a warm and bonding time and it sets the stage for developing the book knowledge so essential for future reading. And, for young children, "reading" the pictures is an important part of early literacy, particularly visual literacy. Read More
In the Sounds and Seas
This wordless black and white graphic novel is a rich, highly cerebral, and deeply melancholic adventure tale that walks a line between familiar storylines and something altogether unique. It begins at a campfire circled by three "singers," who, instead of producing sound, open their throats to create animals of the sky, sea, and land. Read More
La La La
The casual reader might thumb through this nearly wordless story and dismiss it as overly simple or otherwise inadequate. This would be a mistake. DiCamillo, a household name, shines by purposefully placing strikingly sparing text alongside stunning illustrations that tells a complex and optimistic story of overcoming loneliness with the help of the moon. Read More
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We Love Lit
by Whitney N. Husid
Carl A. Harvey II
Looking through a Different Lens
Leslie B. Preddy
Maintaining a Healthy Relationship
Rebecca J. Morris
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