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Reviews Roundup: Navigating History with Primary Sources
Alex Casavant, Assistant Reviews Editor
In today's vastly expanding "infoverse," knowing where to look for quality, reliable primary sources can register as a Herculean task. The SLC reviews team is here to make the process a whole lot easier with our selection of inspiring primary source nonfiction titles. Read More
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Assessing to Empower Learners

In this series, library advocate and esteemed professor Dr. Barbara Stripling brings you a comprehensive look at the power of assessment. Learn strategies and tools for infusing rich assessments throughout your instructional program, along with practical examples that you can try right away. Empower your students for success with meaningful assessment in the library!

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Lesson Plan: Using Research to Improve Student Writing
by Tom Bober
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Lost in Space: Navigating the Universe of Sources
by Meghan Harper
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Navigating Safety for the Next Generation
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I Can Write the World
Regardless of the viewpoint, the story conveys a sense of pride and care exhibited by Ava and her intuitive mother that crosses ethnic and economic boundaries and which will inspire readers to carefully reexamine their own surroundings rather than automatically accept what others tell them about their condition. This book provides is a timely and valuable message in this age of 24/7 news coverage. Read More
What Makes Us
There are layers of deep meaning in this taut novel that feel like they came directly from the headlines with all the frenzy of social media. The well-drawn characters and believable dialogue are sure to inspire critical thinking and impassioned debate, for students will see themselves clearly in both the character of Eran and the maelstrom of current events that will be all too relevant to them. Read More
Note from the Editor
If I had a magic wand and could put one book in the house of every child, it would be a picture book. This is the book that shapes readers from the very beginning. Read More
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