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Reviews Roundup: Novels in Verse
Alex Casavant, SLC Reviews Team
It's National Poetry Month, and we are highlighting some of SLC's best reviewed and compelling examples of novel in verse. Educators might use any of these titles as a fresh, unintimidating method for broaching the study of poetry with their students. One thing is certain, whether you are totally new to the genre or a staunch aficionado, there is something here for everyone to enjoy! Read More
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At its heart, the school library is about serving people. And in order to do this well, librarians rely on a foundation of soft skills. Learn to master effective teamwork, clear communication, cultural competency, conflict management, and more through the lessons and reflection activities presented in this workshop.

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Teaching the Islamic Revolution with Persepolis
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Teaching Life Skills in the School Library: Career, Finance, and Civic...
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Agents of Change
by Ann Dutton Ewbank
Notes from the Editors
Carl A. Harvey II, Organization & Management
Change = Growth
Leslie B. Preddy, Instructional Leadership
Change Management
Rebecca J. Morris, Perspectives & Partners
Thinking about Thinking
This book is a tongue-in-cheek, almost disturbing adaptation of the Greek tale, Theseus and the Minotaur. Written in verse, the story shifts back and forth between the voices of different gods and goddesses. Read More
500 Words or Less
High-school senior Nic Chen laments with her boyfriend's best friend over the theatrics of their overly indulgent, yet lonely personal lives. This coming-of-age novel, written in verse, flows freely, leading readers along and inviting them to contemplate their own self-discovery and identity. Read More
Note from the Editor
Poets are using the language, experiences, and images of their cultures in ways that are fresh and powerful. If you haven't picked up poetry in a while, it's time to revisit this diverse and engaging genre. Read More
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Serving Teens with Mental Illness in the Library: A Practical Guide
by Deborah K. Takahashi