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1Q Survey: Adding Gaming to Your Program
Jen Gilbert
In this month's One-Question Survey asking how gaming is used in your library, 28% of respondents indicated they were using some kind of gaming, but still felt like they wanted to do more and didn't know where to start. And that's what I'd like to dedicate this post to: some of my favorite (and pretty easy) ways to use gaming in the library. Read More
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Video Games for Learning

Video games are a core part of many students' social lives and identity and have many qualities that can help librarians and teachers create better instruction. In this video workshop, Matthew Winner talks about how video games can enhance teaching and learning.

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Tom Bober, elementary school librarian and author, shares insights on the benefits of primary source analysis to student thinking and learning along with steps and strategies to unleash them in the classroom or library.
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Tom Bober, Elementary School
Lesson Plan: Student Reading Consultations
by Tom Bober
Liz Deskins, Middle & High School
Lesson Plan: Speed Dating with Books
by Liz Deskins
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Carl A. Harvey II, Organization & Management
Playing Games!
Leslie B. Preddy, Instructional Leadership
Before I Had a Game Plan
Rebecca J. Morris, Perspectives & Partners
Unforgettable Games
March: Book Three
This graphic memoir completes the highly acclaimed March trilogy, which details Congressman John Lewis' role in the Civil Rights Movement. While it is the third installment, it can also be read on its own. Read More
The Prince and the Dressmaker
This uplifting graphic novel has the high-quality look of a classic Disney fairy tale but with modern dialogue and issues. Belgian prince Sebastian makes news when he visits family in Paris, but he doesn't feel quite like himself until he hires talented seamstress Frances to secretly make him some beautiful dresses Read More
Note from the Editor
Sylvia M. Vardell
Graphic Novels Go Big
Today's graphic narratives have deep roots that speak to our desire to capture stories visually as well as through text and language and young people are responding with enthusiasm. Read More
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Must-Have Book
Siri, Alexa, and Other Digital Assistants: The Librarian's Quick Guide
by Nicole Hennig