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Reviews Roundup: Summer Recharge
Alex Casavant, SLC Reviews Team
From rollicking, humor-laced interspecies-crossovers, to contemplative sojourns through the turbulent teenage years, with stories that uniquely unfold against a brilliant summer backdrop, check out some of SLC's favorite summer picks! Read More
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Inquiry-Based Learning

Ready to make an inquiry into inquiry? In this workshop, you'll learn the nuts and bolts of inquiry, its benefits for students, the different forms it can take, and how to successfully integrate it into your library. Deepen your understandings and earn PD credit through the concise video lessons and application activities.

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Growing Resilient Researchers: A Roundtable
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Summer Recharge
by Penny Patterson
Notes from the Editors
Carl A. Harvey II, Organization & Management
Summertime – Keep Reading
Leslie B. Preddy, Instructional Leadership
Making the Most out of the Not-So-Best Year Ever
Rebecca J. Morris, Perspectives & Partners
Thinking of Yourself
One of the greatest strengths of this site is its concentration on high quality instruction, combining content coverage with this mastery of important 21st-century skills and dispositions while emphasizing creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Read More
Career Village
Career Village's mission is to "create a cloud-based solution for career advice" in order to help young adults find the most reliable information about careers from the people currently living out those jobs and careers. Read More
Note from the Editor
I continue to be impressed by the many ways we can keep growing and learning as professionals with the in-person and digital resources at our fingertips. Read More
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Springboards to Inquiry: 50 Standards-Based Lessons for K-5
by Paige Jaeger and Mary Boyd Ratzer