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Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
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Phone: 907-465-2831
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Alaska Department of Education:

Certification Requirements

Teacher Licensure Needed: No—Type C Endorsement

Master's Degree Needed: No

Praxis II Library Media Content Test Needed: No

Other Testing Needed: No

Description: Library Science-Media is considered a Type C endorsement.

Evaluation Process for Licensure:

Criteria for eligibility includes completion of a program in Library Media Education:

  • Completion of a program in a special service area
  • Bachelor's or higher degree
  • Recommendation of the preparing institution.
  • Six semester hours or nine (9) quarter hours of credit taken within the past five years.
  • Three semester hours of approved Alaska studies and three (3) semester hours of multicultural education/cross-cultural communications.
  • Complete application packet which includes a signed and notarized application, an institutional recommendation form, official transcripts, two sets of completed fingerprint cards, and all fees.

Applicants who do not meet the requirements of six (6) semester hours of credit earned in the prior five years, but who meet other requirements, may be eligible to apply for a Temporary Certificate valid for one year.

Applicants meeting all other requirements for certification, but who lack three (3) semester hours of credit in Alaska studies and three (3) semester hours of credit in multicultural education or cross-cultural communications, may apply for a Provisional Certificate.

Reciprocity: Alaska will accept any state certification as long as the candidate meets the Alaska requirements and obtains a recommendation from the preparing institution stating that the candidate has completed the entire program of study.

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