Building Common Ground • Classroom Teachers
Activity: Communicating Effectively with a Teacher


This lesson suggests paths to working with teachers as collaborative partners, pointing to guiding documents from AASL as the rationale. It is important to remember that a range of activities can characterize successful partnerships; that is, not every collaboration must take the shape of a co-planning, teaching, assessing, and reflecting process, every time. Another key point is that there are mutually beneficial reasons to propose and participate in partnerships between school librarians and teachers, including students' synthesis and development of subject area content, information skills, and dispositions of learning. Communicating this picture effectively is a skill to practice and refine.


Write an email to a classroom teacher to suggest a collaborative lesson or project. Follow the tips about content and style provided in the workshop, such as balancing detail with opportunity for the teacher's ideas. Also see the example provided in Learning Support.


Email example (in Learning Support), grade-level curriculum and academic standards, word-processing application

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