Building Common Ground • Specialists & Staff
Activity: Partnering with Technology Experts


This lesson offers examples of partnerships to foster with school staff who you might not think of right away as potential partners. School counselors may be willing co-teachers for lessons or projects on study skills, college and careers, or community service. Paraprofessionals who serve as student aides may appreciate and benefit from instruction on library resources. Technology and other special area teachers likely have content that would be a strong fit for integration with library classes or activities.


Review the ISTE/ Media Specialists SIG document called "The Role of School Librarians in Promoting the Use of Educational Technologies," available here:

For sections 1-3, highlight one or two areas that represent your work with students and technology "today." Then, select one or two areas that could be incorporated into goals for you and/or the library program.

Review the fourth section, entitled "Educational Technology Issues Faced by School Librarians Today." Identify one topic of interest, and find a related blog post, news piece, or Twitter discussion/chat that provides current information. Then consider what issues or needs might be added to update this list.


ISTE document: "The Role of School Librarians in Promoting the Use of Educational Technologies"

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