Building Common Ground • Parents & Caregivers
Activity: Growing Family Involvement


The support of parents and caregivers is vital to a positive, successful school environment, including in the school library. The involvement of students' families in the library program can serve as a mutually beneficial bridge between home and school, promoting both the library program and student learning in the school at large. From the librarian's chance to learn about reading interests and language needs to opportunities for simple (but useful) clerical help, there is a range of ways to invite parents to participate.


Read more about getting parents involved as advocates and volunteers in the school library. Here are some articles from School Library Connection's archives to help you begin. Read one or several, and then share with a teaching colleague, school leader, or other library stakeholder to exchange feedback and ideas.

Bogel, Gayle. "The Art of Managing Volunteers in the School Library."

Deskins, Liz. "Parents, Reading Partners, Library Advocates."

Harris, Julie. "Getting Parents Involved in the School Library Media Center."

Reed, Jennifer Kelley. "Growing Readers and Parent Involvement through Picture Book Month."


Suggested articles from School Library Connection, linked above

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