Building Common Ground • Student Teachers & New Teachers
Activity: Find Out. What Do Teachers Need?


New teachers and student teachers are educators who stand to benefit from the purposeful outreach of the school librarian. This is group is likely to be rather bombarded with new information and responsibilities as they start off their careers, and help and support from the school librarian can initiate a long-term partnership. Offer resources and ideas, but be selective so as to not overwhelm.


Following the suggestion in the workshop, think through or list your responses to these questions: What are some common questions that student teachers or new teachers have when they come into the library? What do they know, i.e., what are their strengths and specialties? What do you wish they knew?

To help learn more about the needs and interests of this group, develop an inventory to give to new teachers and student teachers in order to guide your efforts in support and collaboration. You might ask about major themes or topics they'll be teaching, favorite journals or teacher resources, or experience with technology tools and library materials such as research databases.


Pen/pencil and paper or word processing application; optional: online survey tool, such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey

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