Building Common Ground • Education Profession
Activity: Guide Professional Development


This lesson suggests several pathways for staying current and sharing knowledge about issues and trends in library science and education. The three main "spheres" described are organizations for libraries and education, your professional learning network (PLN), and the professional development of teachers in your building. One effective strategy for cultivating teachers' trust in the library and keeping abreast of education topics is to offer research guidance to teachers pursuing graduate studies. Pointing them to peer-reviewed articles and related resources in your state library resources and/or their university libraries is a helpful way to contribute to their professional learning and practice your reference skills.


In the Learning Support materials for this lesson, read the sample letter introducing teachers to reference materials in the library. Adapt the letter to fit your library's resources and your teachers' needs.


"Sample letter to teachers about reference databases and professional resources for teachers" in Learning Support; library research databases; word processing application

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