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Activity: Check Your Internet Filters


Internet filters and the common practice of excessive filtering is covered in this lesson. The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) has been in place since 2000. Teaching about online safety is not just a trend. It is a requirement of CIPA and has been since 2011 to receive e-rate funding. Teaching safe use of social media and other online sites is imperative for instruction, but often difficult with blocked sites. Suggestions are given for working to educate administrators about the challenge of aggressive filters.


Gather examples that show how overly aggressive filters have impacted student learning at your school. Consider possible solutions to the problem for your school environment and develop lessons to teach students safe use of Internet resources. Present your findings and solutions/lessons to your administrators.


Library computers. Word processing program. Lesson planning template.

MLA Citation Collins, Karla. "Intellectual Freedom: Check Your Internet Filters." School Library Connection, October 2019,

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