Building Common Ground • Tips
Ideas and tips for counselor/library collaborations, K-12

The school counselor can be a great partner for collaborations with the school librarian. The skill sets of these two professionals have important commonalities, including an emphasis on students' needs and their interests in school and outside of school. Here are ideas for connecting with your school counselor:

  • Co-teach, co-faciliate, and/or recommend literature and information, assessment strategies, and parent resources for lessons related to the counseling curriculum. Depending on the grade level, this might include such topics as study skills, goal setting, feelings, friendship and relationships, conflict resolution, and jobs/careers. Many of these areas lend to the incorporation of inquiry skills like self-assessment, peer communication and collaboration, and evaluation of information.
  • Consult with the counselor for suggestions on collection development related to resources on colleges and careers, health and wellness, bullying, and relationships. Utilize professional selection sources to purchase and recommend literature and resources for counselors to share with students and families.
  • Connect with the counselor to learn about students' language needs, Internet access and needs at home, or to discuss ways to incorporate families' diversity into library programming.
  • Team up to lead school-wide campaigns such as safety and civility online, school spirit, community service, or facilitate student leadership of these programs.
  • Co-lead a school anti-bullying program, including instruction, grant writing to bring in speakers, community outreach, and coordination with other school clubs, teams, or programs.
  • Introduce students and parents to strategies for learning about colleges and post-secondary career paths, including financial aid, college tours, and adjusting to college.
  • Co-plan or co-lead parent workshops. The counselor focuses on the content (including curricular items such as the topics mentioned above), and the librarian can demonstrate library resources and skills.

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