Services for Black Youth • Racial Identity Development
Activity: Culturally Responsive Library Walk


Models of Black identity development have been described by several researchers. Common across models is an arc that includes these stages, summarized very briefly here: Pre-Encounter (not consciously thinking about race or acknowledging it without understanding implications, possibly having anti-Black views); Encounter (usually in adolescence, surrounding a personal encounter with racism); Immersion (idealization of own racial group and seeking out of Black peers); and in adulthood, stages that include positive commitment to own racial group, objective responses with members of the dominant racial group, and empathy with other persons of marginalized groups.


As the lesson states, "The Culturally Responsive Library Walk is designed to be a collaborative tool for administrators, librarians, and teachers to assess the library's responsiveness to the needs of the Black students who attend the school; it may also be used to assess responsiveness to the needs of other Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students." Read the overview of the Culturally Responsive Library Walk provided in Learning Support, and use the accompanying template to plan and conduct a walk in your library space and/or classrooms in your school. The authors suggest forming a team to participate in this exercise.


"Culturally Responsive Library Walk" overview and .pdf from the Learning Support

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