Services for Black Youth • Cultivating Voice and Agency
Activity: Utilizing Protocols for Voice and Agency


Voice and agency are connected to the literacy development of Black youth. Voice has dimensions that include the teaching of writing, wherein Black youth should be encouraged "to use their voices for real purpose and real audiences." Librarians can give Black youth a voice in social action by seeking out their insights as to how to investigate and address school and community issues. Agency, defined as the power to act, means (in the classroom and library setting) that students have power to influence learning activities and programming, as well as collection development.


Visit the websites suggested in the lesson to review and learn more about protocols for use in programs and instruction.

Teaching Tolerance (

Example resources:

Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol —

School Climate Resources —

Visible Thinking Project (

Example resources:

Starting the Conversation: High-Quality Discussion Protocols to Prompt Collaborative, Responsive Learning —

Looking At Student Thinking (LAST) Protocol —


Recommended websites (listed above)

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