For the Love of Reading: Guide to K–8 Reading Promotions
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Author(s): Nancy L. Baumann
Foreword by Richard Allington
Pages: 161 • Volumes: 1 • Size: 8 1/2x11
Paperback Price: $45.00
ISBN/ISSN: 9781610691895
This insightful book reviews the current research on literacy programming, examines the latest standards for strengthening reading skills, and provides educators, families, and caregivers methods for building successful reading habits in and out of the classroom.

Research indicates that children need more than classroom instruction to become proficient readers. Unfortunately, few parents realize how simple, everyday practices can build a lifelong love of reading. Educators, diligent with employing mandatory literacy standards, may overlook families and support systems as tools for improving student performance. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the various methods of reading instruction, analyzing the pedagogy behind Sustained Silent Reading (SSR), the importance of reading aloud to children, and the necessity of working the home-school connection.

For the Love of Reading: Guide to K–8 Reading Promotions provides strategies and tips for setting up successful reading environments for children, including having a well-stocked library collection; engaging students through book clubs, reading lists, and prepared book talks; and involving student and adult volunteers. The author asserts that the entire school community—teachers, librarians, parents, caregivers, and administrators—must work together to promote literacy.

• Includes a step-by-step implementation and explanation of each reading program
• Features forms, book talks, recommended book lists, photographs, and valuable websites
• Provides literacy workshop agendas for parents and caregivers
• Offers methods for soliciting and working with literacy volunteers
• Each reading program is described in detail to facilitate replication at public schools, public libraries, and home-schools
• An extensive list of vendors, professional development materials, and websites offer additional teaching support
• Prepared book talks, reading lists, and templates for programs provide the basis for immediate implementation
• Reading programs proven successful in inner city, rural, and suburban elementary and middle schools as well as public libraries are included

Author Info
Nancy L. Baumann, MLS, is instructor at the University of Missouri School of Information Science and Learning Technology, Columbia. Baumann holds a master's degree in library science from the University of North Texas, Denton.

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