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Thursday, September 12
Sound Learning: Audiobooks in the Library to Support Literacy
Presented by Rose Brock

Audiobooks have come to the forefront of education, giving children of all ages the power to learn to listen and listen to learn. Current research indicates that 85% of learning derives from listening and 30% of people are auditory learners. With this data, it is critical that educators and librarians in particular understand the value of providing audiobook opportunities to their learners. Audiobooks provide an excellent option while promoting literacy by focusing on the art of listening. As librarians, we must explore more varied avenues for meeting the literacy needs of all learners.

This webinar will focus on defining why critical listening is essential, the benefits of audiobooks, and an introduction to audiobook programs that support libraries and classrooms. Tune in for tips to promote the circulation of an audiobook collection, as well as suggestions for funding audio. The webinar will conclude with an "I'm ask me anything about audiobooks: Q and A".

Join us to learn:

  • Why critical listening skills will help your students succeed
  • How to use audiobooks to meet the literacy needs of all learners
  • Tips to get your audiobook collection circulating
  • Ways to fund the development of your audiobook collection

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