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Tuesday, March 12
Coding in the School Library
Presented by Kelsey Gourd, Youth Librarian, and Calypso Gilstrap, School Librarian

Whether you're a programming whiz or a complete novice, your students will benefit when you accept the challenge to teach coding in your school library. Learn how to initiate a new coding program or reinvigorate your current one with this webinar. Join librarians Kelsey Gourd and Calypso Gilstrap as they discuss mindsets and methods you can use to successfully integrate coding instruction into your library curriculum for students of any age. They'll outline everything from unplugged coding options to using tools like Scratch and CSFirst, plus they'll talk about how to align your coding curriculum with the AASL National Standards. Tune in to level up your coding skills today!

Participants will learn:

  • Tips to start teaching coding even if you don't know how to code yourself
  • Strategies to create successful coding lesson plans
  • Ideas for connecting your coding instruction with the AASL National Standards*
  • Effective programming tools, including CSFirst, Scratch, and Hopscotch

*Statement does not imply affiliation with or endorsement by AASL.

Thursday, April 18
Collection Development in the School Library
Presented by Melissa Thom, Teacher Librarian

A dynamic and relevant collection draws students and teachers into the library and keeps them coming back. But how do you ensure that your library's collection has the right mix of resources and authors for your unique school community? Join Melissa Thom for this webinar, where she'll share practical strategies to help you identify and fill gaps in your collection, from print, to eBooks, to audiobooks, keeping diversity at the forefront of decision-making. Plus, she'll discuss best practices to share the collection with students, staff, and the larger community so that you can be sure your carefully curated resources are used to their fullest potential!

Come away from the webinar with tools and resources to:

  • Identify and fill gaps in your collection
  • Ensure your collection represents diverse topics, authors, and themes
  • Spark excitement about your collection across your school community

Thank you to our webinar sponsor, OverDrive Education!

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