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Easy as 1, 2, 3: Practical Tactics to Advocate for Your Library Today

Presenter: Ann Dutton Ewbank, Deborah Rinio, and Stony Evans
Date: 02/13
Time: 5:00 PM EST


Like it or not, advocacy is not an optional activity for school librarians. Fortunately, the work involved doesn't need to be especially difficult or time-consuming, so it's time to roll up our sleeves! Come learn from three expert school library advocates who will share practical tips and ready-to-go resources to start getting key stakeholders in your corner today, from the hallway to the town hall. Dr. Ann Dutton Ewbank will discuss how to build relationships and networks to influence decision-makers at the local and state level. Dr. Deborah Rinio will talk about the importance of language and how you can craft your advocacy message to increase its impact. Finally, Stony Evans, high school teacher librarian, will share strategies for transforming the teachers in your school into powerful voices speaking on your behalf.

Join us to add your voice to the discussion and learn simple and effective strategies to:

  • Build coalitions to influence policy
  • Craft more powerful narratives about your library
  • Help administrators see the magic of your library

Ann Dutton Ewbank, PhD, is associate professor at Montana State University, Bozeman. She researches school library advocacy and is a member-leader in the American Library Association (ALA). A tireless advocate, Ewbank has direct experience working with elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels to enact positive policy for school library programs.

Deborah Rinio, PhD, is an adjunct professor at Montana State University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has served as President of the Alaska Association of School Librarians (AkASL), on the 2017 AASL National Standards Editorial Board, and in ALA's Policy Corps. In 2015, she received the AkASL Linda K. Barrett award for outstanding service to the school library profession.

Stony Evans, MS, is a teacher librarian at Lakeside High School in Hot Springs, AR. He earned his master's in library media and information technologies from the University of Central Arkansas. He was selected as AAIM Library Media Specialist of the Year in 2013. Visit his blog at librarymediatechtalk.blogspot.com, email him at stony_evans@lakesidesd.org, or follow him on Twitter @stony12270.

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