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Authentic Learning in the Library and Beyond - Part IV

In this final lesson of the unit, learners use their projects to teach middle school students, then reflect on the process. Finally, they analyze data to see if they successfully improved learning. This is their real-world application.






Math teachers


Students will revise and teach their concept plan to middle school learners.

Students will reflect on process of this project.

Students will analyze data to learn if their involvement improved test scores.


Students' finished product from previous lessons


Four class periods


AASL National School Library Standards

III.D.2. Recognizing learning as a social responsibility.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Varies according to the areas that students choose to focus on.

Instructional Procedure

Day 1

Learner groups gather in media center to do any necessary revisions based on comments they received from peers in the previous lesson. Learners design a survey for middle school students to take after working through the project.

Day 2

On a designated day or days, learners will share their project with middle school students. (This could be done in person or by Skyping, depending on the circumstances of your school.)

Day 3

Class reconvenes to process how the teaching went. Then learners are asked to write a reflection piece on the project. They will be given the prompt: If I were to create something like this again I would___.

Day 4

At another point in the year, after test scores are posted, students will once again review them to discover if their projects helped to improve scores. They will also go through middle school student surveys to discover how they felt about the project. They will be handed their reflections and asked to revise, given this new information.


Either make sure groups are mixed with students who have varied levels of mathematical understanding or place learners in groups by ability. (This does take away student choice!)


Use the completed projects, response papers, and response revisions for a summative assessment.

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