Many Faces of Collaboration

Learn how to reach out to potential collaboration partners from across the school and community by appealing to their interests and wielding your standards. Paige and Bridget's ready-to-implement ideas stem from successful collaborations with teachers, students, specialists, and community members. Whether your potential partners are reluctant or raring to go, find your collaboration inspiration in this webinar!

About the Authors

Paige Jaeger, MLIS, is a prolific author and prominent educational consultant, delivering professional development at the local, state, and national levels on inquiry-based learning, the CCSS, and the C3 framework. Previously, she was a library administrator serving 84 school libraries in New York. Email: Twitter: @INFOlit4U.

Bridget Crossman, MS, is an elementary librarian at Lake George Central School in Lake George, NY. She is the author of several professional articles and an upcoming book, Community Partnerships with School Libraries. Her leadership in the field has afforded her the opportunity to present across New York State at Library, Computer and Technology, and Social Studies conferences and sit as a select member of a Regional Library Leadership cohort. She was the recipient of the New York State Reading Association's Library Media Specialist Award. Email: Twitter: @bcrossm85.

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