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Reviews Roundup: Makerspace Inspiration

Out of the woods, into the frying pan, and served up hot in the library: the makers highlighted in these titles come from all walks of life and offer a veritable plethora of making inspiration! Culinary makers, assemble your spices and cooking wares. School librarians, get ready for some fun yet practical advice for how to reinvigorate and expand your local makerspace. Historical makers, whip the butter churner out of storage, don your smartest apron, and prepare to make some homemade dairy products the old-fashioned way. Truly, whether you're cooking up a sweet culinary treat to serve to your favorite frenemy, or a school librarian in search of affordable and dynamic inspiration for your library's makerspace, there is something in this list for everyone!

Reviews Roundup 63Maker Projects
Ellyssa Kroski
63 Ready-to-Use Maker Projects
2018. ALA Editions. Grade Post Secondary

The maker projects in this book are categorized into seven main categories: Paper, Cardboard, and Crafts; Sewing and Textiles; Circuitry, Wiring, and Wearables; Milling, Soldering, and Cutting; High-Tech Programming and Robotics; Digital Media; and 3D Printing…. [T]he breadth and variety of projects make this a useful source for any library or makerspace serving middle school and older students. School libraries serving advanced upper elementary students may also find some inspiration in projects that can be adapted for younger students.
—Reviewed by Holly Whitt
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Reviews Roundup Makers with a Cause
Gina Seymour
Makers with a Cause: Creative Service Projects for Library Youth
2018. Libraries Unlimited. Grade Post Secondary

Gina Seymour has done an excellent job of distilling why and how to add service learning and service projects as integral elements to your school/public library's makerspace, be it a dedicated space, mobile/cart, or pop-up event…. Well-conceived and executed, this tool would be helpful not only to those starting out setting up a makerspace, but also for those seeking to take theirs to the next level.
—Reviewed by Stephanie Bange
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Reviews Roundup Challenge-based learning
Colleen Graves, Aaron Graves & Diana L. Rendina
Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace
2017. Libraries Unlimited. Grade Post Secondary

This book is a must-have for librarians who want to build a makerspace from scratch or improve an existing one. It includes a concise yet comprehensive overview of makerspaces, as well as practical advice about what it takes to develop a maker mindset and maintain a vibrant schoolwide makerspace.
—Reviewed by Melissa Thom
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Reviews Roundup Made by hand
Carole Lexa Schaefer
Made By Hand: A Crafts Sampler
Illustrated by Becca Stadtlander. 2018. Candlewick Press. Grades 3-5

Children will be intrigued to learn of the origins of 14 one-of-a-kind objects in 13 stories told on double-page spreads. Crafts from Northern and Eastern states during the 1800s are described in a blend of facts and historical fiction…. Some creations were practical, such as the butter churn, pie crimper, and weather vane, while others were decorative, like the samplers, bandolier bags, and candle box…. Children exploring this period in American history will be fascinated with the material and find much for discussion in classrooms.
—Reviewed by Anne Bozievich
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Reviews Roundup Sweet revenge
Melinda Hardin
Sweet Revenge: Passive-Aggressive Desserts for Your Exes & Enemies
2018. Switch Press. Grades 9-12

Serving up innuendo, sage advice, and deliciousness topped with a healthy sprinkle of joyous snark, Heather Kim crafts a cookbook for the bitter, the broken hearted, and those who just love a tasty treat. With the wisdom and pithy candor of a sagacious older sister or cool aunt, Kim offers readers a cathartic way to deal with the pangs of lost love and ruined friendships. Despite the titular passive-aggressiveness, Kim truly injects her work with positivity, humor, and a healthy dose of self-confidence alongside the drool-worthy recipes.
—Reviewed by Rose Garrett
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Alex Casavant, SLC Reviews Team

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