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Summer Reading Challenges Downloadable

Bookmarks (pp. 3-4)

Spark some reading joy with these double-sided bookmarks. Students can color in each section as they use the reading ideas. Get more summer reading inspiration from Jen Cannell and Mary Fellows in their webinar, "The Perfect Equation for Summer Reading Success: School + Public Librarians."

Postcards (pp. 5-6)

Encourage students to share thoughts about what they're reading by sending postcards back to school over the summer. Write in your school's address and print the templates double-sided on cardstock for ready-to-use postcards. For more, see Cherie Heaser's article "Bridging the Summer Reading Gap: Collaborative Ideas to Keep Your Students Reading."

Reading Response Bingo (pp. 7-8)

Help students reflect on what they're reading over the summer with this bingo grid. Create your own prompts or use the pre-filled one we've provided. For more, see Janell Mcclure's article "A Community Effort: A School District and Public Library Collaborate on Summer Reading."

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