Inquiry-Based Learning • Why Inquiry?
Activity: What's Your Why?

This lesson discusses the benefits that engaging in inquiry can bring to a school community. In "I Made It Easier and They Still Didn't Learn" and "Inquiry: Inquiring Minds Want to Know," Mary Boyd Ratzer and Barbara K. Stripling share some of the positive outcomes they've seen blossom using inquiry. Read the articles and then consider the benefits that inquiry can bring to your school community, using the Reflect & Practice activity.



Think about the curriculum currently taught in your school—yours and your colleagues'. In what places would students benefit from increased motivation and ownership, more cooperative learning, and/or a greater focus on higher order thinking skills?

Once you've identified those areas, use the above form to write an "elevator pitch" that you can use to present to collaborating teachers or to your administration to advocate for a more inquiry-based approach for that particular section of the curriculum. Use the reasoning from the video lesson as well as the articles to help you craft your argument.

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