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Finding Perspective

Relaxation can look very different for different folks. For her 80th birthday, a landmark for which many of us might be content to kick back and celebrate, my mother-in-law organized a mule train and rode on horseback alongside eight grandchildren (and their parents) into the backcountry for four days of camping. She's fond of the saying "You can rest when you're dead." For some, a summer spent lounging on a white sand beach sounds luxurious, while for others, it sounds like torture—the furthest thing from relaxation imaginable.

What I think is common to all of us in our varied approaches to some good R&R is the need for a change in perspective. We all need the ability to pause, switch views, and try something different. This distance from our routines helps us all to see our day-to-day lives with greater clarity, whether we seek that through a little beachside lazing or an exhausting adventure.

In that spirit of making the most of the shift in perspective that summer allows us, we continue our tradition of bringing you new articles with fresh ideas for summer learning and growth, alongside some old favorites from the archives. In her new article "Summer Fun Makes a Better Teacher," resident explorer Penny Patterson shows how as she traipses about near and far on her summer adventures, she always keeps her teacher hat on, collecting knowledge, ideas, and even a few soil samples! Jenn Brower shares her personal hit list for summer PD, while Liz Deskins and Meghan Harper discuss the importance of educator self-care.

This summer also brings a number of exciting new columnists into the SLC fold. In addition to Liz and Meghan assuming the helm of our Research into Practice column, we welcome Chad Heck as our All Access columnist, exploring hot button issues related to intellectual freedom, ethics, copyright and related issues, as well as Barbara McLeod, Kim Sigle, and Kesha S. Valentine as the new coauthors of our Management Matters column. Ida Mae Craddock joins Heather Moorefield-Lang as coauthor of our long-standing Technology Connections column. We're thrilled that all of them are joining us and that we get to share their incredible work with you.

Whether you're off on a whirlwind trip or plan to spend these last weeks of summer in the hammock with a book, we hope you're getting the most from your brief break from routine and make SLC a part of it. I, for one, am heading off in the morning for a little island camping with the family—including my mother-in-law, of course.

David Paige, Managing Editor

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