Research Skills at the Ready

Research is a cyclical process. By reflecting on our past successes and challenges, we're modeling the persistence we want to foster in our student researchers. We've gathered some of our top resources on teaching research to elementary students so that whatever your summer itinerary—attending conferences, working summer school, or relaxing with your family—you can dip a toe into these ideas and emerge inspired and ready to start the new school year.


Learning to Identify, Find, and Use Nonfiction Books by Andria Donnelly

Fiction versus nonfiction can be confusing for young students. Andria Donnelly develops a teacher/librarian collaborative lesson on what nonfiction is and how students will use it.

Nonfiction Research by Claudia Crandall

Inquiry learning starts with kindergarten and 1st grade students. Claudia Crandall creates a research lesson plan on animals for the purpose of introducing inquiry and nonfiction reading to these young students.

Teaching about Nonfiction by Linda Adamczyk

The 21st century learner needs to be skilled in nonfiction reading. Linda Adamczyk develops a nonfiction lesson for 1st grade students to delve into research processes with collaboration between teacher and librarian.


Corroborating Research Notes: An Introductory Lesson for Elementary Students by Paige Jaeger

In this lesson, students will practice corroborating information found in a variety of sources on a single topic.

How to Know What's True: Evaluating Websites by Andria Donnelly

Andria Donnelly develops a lesson plan to teach students about website evaluation. She includes website evaluation forms for grades 2-3, grade 4, or grades 5-6 for easy adaptation in this hands-on learning about information literacy.

That's a Wrap! News Reporting Using Online Periodicals by Maureen Tannetta

Maureen Tannetta shares a lesson plan on using online periodicals as a research source for fifth grade.

Website Evaluation: Easy as A-B-C! by Teresa Austin

Teresa Austin was given a graduate assignment to create a website evaluation plan. Here is her grade 5 lesson plan using the simple ABCDEF guidelines of evaluation for students.

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