Assessing to Empower Learners • Formative Assessment
Activity: Tools and Strategies for Formative Assessment

In this video, Dr. Stripling discusses the importance of formative assessments to propel student learning. In her article, "Teaching in the Zone: Formative Assessments for Critical Thinking," Leslie K. Maniotes applies the concept of formative assessment to the arena of critical thinking skills, taking a close look at how observation can be an effective tool. In their article "Dynamic Data and Assessment," Cynthia Stogdill and Lynn Kleinmeyer share some no-tech and yes-tech tools to help quickly visualize where students stand in their learning. After reading the articles, complete the reflection activity below.



After reading the "Teaching in the Zone," and "Dynamic Data and Assessment," use the workshop packet to list some of the formative assessment strategies or tools you'd like to try in your library and/or share with teachers at your school

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