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REACTS Taxonomy

The REACTS Method of Thoughtful Research was created by Barbara Stripling and Judy M. Pitts to help students through the inquiry process. This handout describes the six levels that make up the taxonomy and provides examples of verbs and assignments that correspond with each level. It can also be found in their book Brainstorms and Blueprints: Teaching Library Research as a Thinking Process (Libraries Unlimited 1988).

About the Author

Barbara K. Stripling, PhD, is Senior Associate Dean and associate professor emerita at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University. She earned her doctorate in information management from Syracuse University. Stripling is the author of numerous books and articles on school libraries, advocacy, inquiry, assessment, learning, and primary sources.

Stripling was the 2013–2014 president of the American Library Association. Previously, in her 40-year library career, Stripling has been Director of Library Services for the New York City schools, a school library media specialist and school district director of libraries in Arkansas, a library grant program director in Tennessee, and director of library programs at a local education fund in New York City. Stripling is a former president of the American Association of School Librarians.

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