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Meet SLC's Authors at AASL!

Every two years, the AASL National Conference draws expert librarians and professional development leaders from around the country to share their knowledge with the entire library community. Below is a list of SLC contributors who will be presenting at this year's conference, along with an exclusive showcase of their past contributions to School Library Connection. Follow the links for limited-time access to some of their amazing work, and don't miss the opportunity to see these outstanding educators in action at AASL. See you in Louisville!

Friday, November 15

10:30 AM–11:30 AM

Melissa Stewart
5 Kinds of Nonfiction: Rethinking Your Book Collection — KICC Lower Concourse, L004
Understanding Categories of Nonfiction for Young People (Melissa Stewart and Mary Ann Cappiello)

Kim Gangwish
(Mis)representation of Deaf Characters in Young Adult Fiction — KICC Lower Concourse, L027
Deaf ≠ Silenced: Serving the Needs of the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students in School Libraries

11:40 AM–12:40 PM

Heather Moorefield-Lang, Diana Rendina, and Gina Seymour
Unique Approaches to Library Makerspaces: Author-Librarians Share Their Insights KICC Lower Concourse, L007-008
Webinar: How to Run an Awesome Makers Club in Your Library (Diana Rendina)
Makers Making a Difference: Community Service in the Makerspace (Gina Seymour)
Makerspaces and Assessment (Heather Moorefield-Lang)

2:00 PM–3:00 PM

Heather Baucum
Adapted Library: Ideas and Strategies for Students on the Autism Spectrum and Non-Categorical Disabilities KICC Lower Concourse, L007-008
Different, Not Less: The World of Autism and Adapted Library Practices

Marcia Mardis and Cynthia Jimes
Open Educational Resources and the Role of School Librarians KICC Lower Concourse, L027
The OER Curation Life Cycle: Closing the Loop for Our Learners (Marcia Mardis)
Enter the OER Ninja: School Librarians as Curators and Co-Curators of STEM Learning (Cynthia Jimes, Sue Ballard, and Amee Godwin)

4:30 PM–5:30 PM

Margaux Calemmo and Rose Luna
Growing Lifelong Learners: Making Local and Global Connections @ Your LibraryKICC Lower Concourse, L002
Human Rights—Global Engagement (Rose Luna)

Alicia Abdul
"That's Not Real Reading": Making the Case for Graphic Novel Inclusion in Every Classroom (with Kate Covintree and Amanda Melilli)KICC Lower Concourse, L030
Shaping a Collection: Graphic Novels and the Needs of English Language Learners (Alicia Abdul and Kristen Majkut)

Saturday, November 16

9:00 AM–10:00 AM

Debbie Abilock
Government Information in Turbulent TimesKICC Lower Concourse, L006
A Student Asks "Is This an Official U.S. Government Document?"

1:10 PM–2:10 PM

Tom Bober
Picture Books and Primary SourcesKICC Lower Concourse, L017-018
Picture Books and Primary Sources: Exploring Voting and Elections

Bridget Crossman
School Librarians + Community Partnerships = Innovative Learning ExperiencesKICC Lower Concourse, L002
Webinar: Many Faces of Collaboration (Paige Jaeger and Bridget Crossman)

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