Meet Stacy Brown, Author of The School Librarian's Technology Playbook

I have never encountered a group of professionals that have this level of passion.

We are all pretty much at the forefront of supporting our students.

We are the head coaches. We are the support system.

The future of the school librarian is to continue to embrace change and evolution.

These are the words of Stacy Brown, librarian and 21st Century Learning Coordinator at The Davis Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Brown understands that school librarians are uniquely positioned to serve as leaders for enacting positive change in their learning communities. In her new book, The School Librarian's Technology Playbook, she presents tips and strategies for how librarians can implement innovative technological practices that will benefit learners and forward-looking educators. Keenly aware that her job title didn't exist when she was still in school, Brown encourages today's librarians to continue looking forward in order to assist students who may themselves be preparing for jobs that don't yet exist!

Listen to new books correspondent Alex Casavant's exclusive audio interview with Stacy Brown to learn more about how you can expand your own technological literacy within your school, and discover cutting-edge educational opportunities made possible by our rapidly evolving world!

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