Cultivate a Maker Culture in a Hybrid Environment [4:18]


In this video, discover how a maker culture can flourish in a hybrid model with strategies to reach both distance learners and on-campus learners simultaneously. Learn how maker challenges created for students and by students inspire ingenuity. Stacy Brown and a student explain how to encourage students to consider the variety of their peers' environments to develop a maker culture that is accessible to many; how to design a dynamic virtual maker playground to serve as a platform for both virtual and on-campus learners to choose their own maker adventure; and how to use strategies to leverage the use of nature, integrate student voice and choice, and maintain an online presence to build a maker community to suit a variety of environments and a range of resources.

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Brown, Stacy. "Cultivate a Maker Culture in a Hybrid Environment [4:18]." School Library Connection, October 2020,

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