Opportunities to Read, Think, Make, and Create [5:19]


The emergency shutdown and responsible reopening of schools in 2020 has catalyzed growth in library programming. School librarian Leslie Preddy offers adaptations to the needs and desires expressed by her students. With Wi-Fi access improving and 1:1 devices going home, she quickly institutionalized a library delivery system for students. Despite limited resources and diverse schedules, students are seeking asynchronous ways to tinker, play, and engage through books, technology, crafts, and resources commonly found at home, supplemented with consumables from the library. Therefore, the library has added many exciting resources such as CoBuild19, Just-One-Thing Boredom Buster Kits, Bento Book Clubs, and more.


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Preddy, Leslie B. "Opportunities to Read, Think, Make, and Create [5:19]." School Library Connection, October 2020, schoollibraryconnection.com/Home/Display/2256242?

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