Diet for a Changing Climate: Food for Thought
Book cover
Author(s): Christy Mihaly and Sue Heavenrich
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books (Lerner Publishing Group)
Copyright Year: 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9781512481211

This well-researched, eye-opening book provides an extremely detailed look at the new Earth-friendly culinary movement that enthusiasts are hoping will catch on in the United States, a movement which consists of eating invasive bugs, animals, and weeds. Sound like a middle school prank? It's not. Proponents claim that rethinking food for the 21st century is essential for the future health of the planet, and it's something that other countries have been on board with for quite some time. Information about the harmful effects of raising livestock, the importance of avoiding chemicals that kill insects and weeds, and how the United Nations food experts believe that incorporating entomophagy, or the human consumption of insects, could be the key to fighting global hunger, are just a few examples of topics that will provide fodder for thought-provoking discussions. From recipes for dandelion pancakes and mealworm tacos, to apps that specialize in plant identification, to offering tables of the nutrients contained in grasshoppers and crickets, this book has enough "ew" factor to attract younger readers and enough "wow" factor to get older students and even adults to actually consider tasting kudzu, wild boar, or roasted Japanese beetles. A list of videos/documentaries, websites, and even restaurants around the world, including a few in the United States, offering a selection of insects on their menus will help readers practically expand their knowledge. Overall, this is a well-developed look at food production and consumption in a changing climate that is well worth reading. Bibliography.Glossary.Index.

Reviewer: Bridget Slayden
Rating: Highly Recommended
Grade (as stated by Reviewer/SLC): 6-12
Review Date: March 1, 2019
Product Description
The United Nations supports a compelling solution to world hunger: eat insects! Explore the vast world of unexpected foods that may help solve the global hunger crisis. Weeds, wild plants, invasive and feral species, and bugs are all food for thought. Learn about the nutritional value of various plant and animal species; visit a cricket farm; try a recipe for dandelion pancakes, kudzu salsa, or pickled purslane; and discover more about climate change, sustainability, green agriculture, indigenous foods, farm-to-table restaurants, and how to be an eco-friendly producer, consumer, and chef. Meet average folks and experts in the field who will help you stretch your culinary imagination!
Media Type: Book, eBook
Binding: HC
# Pages: 128
Price: $37.32
Genre: Nonfiction
Sub-Genre: Narrative
Entry ID: 2189759

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