Home Is a Window
Book cover
Author(s): Stephanie Parsley Ledyard
Illustrator(s): Chris Sasaki
Publisher: Neal Porter Books (Roaring Brook Press)
Copyright Year: 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9780823441563

This story conveys the essence of home as seen through the eyes of a child. Her story is told in sparse, poetic language illustrated using digital artwork that gives the appearance of muted watercolor renderings. Walking through her cozy home, a young girl reveals that home to her is a window, doorways, rug, and basket for her shoes. Even the washing and drying of dishes brings back fond memories of a dish breaking and someone helping to sweep it up. Hide-and-seek before bathing in bubbles, a blanket shared with her pup, a neighbor's light seen through the window, all evoke memories of home. A book read before bed followed by a nighttime kiss are familiar rituals that reassure her that home is comfortable and safe. However, sometimes things change and one's home must be left behind. Next she is resting on a pillow at the start of a long journey, smelling a shirt that smells like her old room, and feeling uncertain about going to a new house. After she arrives and walks inside, the cycle of what a home means begins again with a new doorway, window, a corner for her toys, a patched up quilt, and people to share her meals. Everything comes together to help her know that even though she is in a new house, she is home. This beautiful story is the perfect read-aloud to remind children that home is where the heart is. Sasaki's gentle artwork masterfully showcases and extends the story, allowing readers to view the little girl's home from a variety of angles. This would be an ideal story to use as a model with primary or intermediate students writing their own stories about the meaning of home. It is also a comforting story to read to a child who is moving to a new home.

Reviewer: Helen Burkart Presser
Rating: Highly Recommended
Grade (as stated by Reviewer/SLC): K-2
Review Date: March 1, 2019
Product Description
A family learns what home really means, as they leave one beloved residence and make a new home in another.

Home can be many things--a window, a doorway, a rug . . . or a hug. At home, everything always feels the same: comfortable and safe.

But sometimes things change, and a home must be left behind.

Follow a family as they move out of their beloved, familiar house and learn that they can bring everything they love about their old home to the new one, because they still have each other. This heartfelt picture book by Stephanie Parsley Ledyard is richly illustrated by former Pixar animator Chris Sasaki.
Media Type: Book, eBook
Binding: HC
# Pages: 40
Genre: Children's Books
Sub-Genre: Picture Books
Entry ID: 2189808

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