Ghosts Subtract!
Book cover
Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing
Copyright Year: 2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9781538229330

Math is boring. Educators have been hearing this decree since the time of the abacus, if not before. Here, presented in a picture book format with exciting illustrations and engaging word problems, is an elementary-aged solution to that enduring complaint well worth exploring! After all, who doesn't love monsters? These brief picture books provide six or more word problems along with an answer key tacked on at the back. In Zombies Read Graphs, the author introduces picture, line, pie, and bar graphs with questions ranging from the number of zombie bites to who is in quarantine. In Mummies Multiply, multiplication tables are explored and the secret to how many mummies in the Great Pyramid involves multiplying by 4. These books don't begin and end with mathematics, however. In addition to providing instruction on how to complete the problems, these titles cross into different curricula by providing intriguing facts about each monster (zombies in literature, mummies and witches in history, etc.). Additional back matter consists of a glossary of terms and a section for more information including books and websites. Monsters are no longer merely relegated to Halloween time; with these books, students will find themselves clamoring to learn or brush up on rudimentary mathematics year-round.

Reviewer: Joel Shoemaker, Library Manager, Von Steuben Middle School, Peoria, IL
Rating: Recommended
Grade (as stated by Reviewer/SLC): 3-5
Review Date: April 1, 2019
Product Description
Most people use math all the time, from adding dollar bills to pay for a movie to dividing up a cake into slices, but what do monsters think of math? This engaging, fun approach to the math curriculum reinforces the addition, subtraction, and word problem skills readers learn in class. Colorful zombies, mummies, and werewolves offer readers math tips throughout the books. Fact boxes full of engaging and sometimes scary monster information make this series a must-have for monster aficionados as well as future mathematicians.
Series Title: Monsters Do Math!
Other Titles in Series:
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Vampires Divide! (9781538229354)
Werewolves Do Word Problems! (9781538229361)
Witches Add! (9781538229378)
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Media Type: Book, eBook
Binding: LB
# Pages: 24
Price: $22.60
Genre: Nonfiction
Sub-Genre: Series Nonfiction
Entry ID: 2197494

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