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There's No Place like the School Library
Carl A. Harvey II
As you build a library program, you often have to work with those who are most interested, but then moving forward, you search out the others who haven't had the opportunity to work with the school librarian. In the end, some of the most resistant folks become some of the school library program's biggest advocates. Read More
Future Forward
Developing collections and offering programming that prioritizes issues of social justice and diversity are equally important to the future as they were in the past. This is a heavy responsibility that school librarians bear, but one that I fully believe we can be entrusted with.
Management Matters
School districts are responding to calls for equity in a variety of ways, one of which is by providing students with their own electronic devices. While the name of the program and distribution styles may vary, one thing remains constant: it provides a great opportunity for librarians to reimagine their program.
All Access
At a recent conference session, I was presenting various intellectual freedom scenarios. One of the most interesting was a hypothetical about a student coming into the school library and checking out many books on suicide, including self-help books. The question discussed was what steps the librarian should take after such an occurrence. There were impassioned responses on both sides of the issue, with some librarians wanting to seek immediate help for this student, while others wanted to respect the confidentiality of checking out materials in the library. One thing was certain; both of these camps had care and concern for the safety of students.
Reflecting on the World: Bring Authors into Your School
For the students of Columbia Public Schools, the local Unbound Book Festival was too good of an opportunity for us to miss and we sought to develop an intentional connection with the festival. Read More
Building Book Trailers
There are amazing tools out there to create book trailers. With all the transitions in technology happening, I thought that a curated list of tools and websites would be essential for anyone creating book trailers today. Read More
From Toys to Instructional Tools
I needed to evolve my makerspace lessons from simply playing with new technology to incorporate the items into relevant, project-based learning. Collaboration with my teachers was key to translating these technology play times into actual lessons that supported the classroom curriculum. Read More
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