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Inquiring Minds
Carl A. Harvey II
We should be always looking for new resources, new instructional strategies, new collaboration opportunities, and new programs for our students and staff. We want our students to be curious and ask questions, as school librarians we also have to do that when it comes to how we keep moving our libraries forward. Read More
Management Matters
No matter the size of your library and the age of your learners, management plays an important role in how you begin to think about incorporating the maker movement.
Dear Dara
Dear Dara—There are many times when I feel underutilized. The only time classes come to the library is when they cannot get Chromebooks or cannot get into the computer labs. What are some things that I can do to get classes into the library?
Copyright Corner
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive from K-12 librarians.
Bridging Books and STEM with Design Challenges
Infusing maker activities into books, offering design challenges, and collaborating with teachers to integrate making into research assignments are a few ways librarians can tap into the maker movement and provide new options for student inquiry. Read More
Makespace Reality Check
Your principal has just returned from a professional development event where she found out that makerspaces are popping up in school libraries everywhere. She comes to you first thing in the morning and tells you that she has found some money that needs to be spent and she is earmarking it for a library makerspace. Where do you start? Read More
Strike the Match! Light the Spark! Young Game Designers Challenge
We invented our own twist on the makerspace: young game designers' challenge. Integrating both the Explore and Inquire foundations of the new AASL standards, this article examines our building blocks in order to help you generate your own designers' environment. Read More
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