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Playing Games!
Carl A. Harvey II
Games are fun! Games are a great way to spend time with a relative or a friend! But, games are also a great way to learn! Read More
Management Matters
Incorporating gaming into the library programming is a way to engage with learners who may not see the library as a space for them. It is also a way of promoting leadership skills to those learners who may not otherwise have opportunities to develop those skills in their school experience.
Dear Dara
I know the library should be an all-inclusive environment, but I am not sure how to create that environment in such a tense political climate. Should the school library play a part in the immigration conversation?
Copyright Corner
Gretchen McCord
Fair Use in a Nutshell
Fair use is an extremely important tool for educators. Unfortunately, it is also widely misunderstood, perhaps as a result of attempts to simplify and objectify a very subjective part of copyright law.
Gaming: Past, Present, and Future
As games and play return to the attention of teachers and administrators, school libraries need to be prepared to meet the demand with strong collections. Be mindful of your curation, however, to ensure a collection of games and toys that meet curriculum standards and instructional objectives like other teaching resources in your library. Read More
Getting the Word Out: The Power of a Library Story
We face preconceived ideas from others about our professional roles, our library spaces, the noise (quiet or loud), and our instruction. We could have long conversations about these topics, but the best way to change those mindsets is to tell your story yourself and not wait for someone else to do it for you. Read More
Put a SpARk in your MARketing: Using Augmented Reality for School...
Over the past few years, many school librarians have embraced augmented reality (AR) and have created clever AR displays with students reviewing books, brought students' coloring pages to life through AR, and enabled students to see 3D AR images leaping out of books. However, if we take a step back and look at what the larger library community is doing with AR, we may have only reached the tip of the iceberg when it comes to opportunities for AR in school libraries. Read More
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