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Looking for Answers
Carl A. Harvey II
As the authors in this issue will share, research doesn't always have to be a formal process that results in a peer-reviewed publication or presentation. Research can (and does) happen in your school libraries all the time. Read More
Management Matters
There is nothing quite like having young learners in the library. If you are fortunate enough to have preschoolers at your school, you know how rewarding, and challenging, they can be.
Setting the Standard
Merriam-Webster defines research as a "studious inquiry or examination" and the school library is just the place for this to happen. It has the variety of resources with multiple viewpoints that allow learners to access and use information for personal and academic growth.
All Access
As librarians, we have a duty "to uphold the principles of intellectual freedom." Far too often, I have seen professional library groups engaging in censorship as part of the discussions of library practice.
Action Research in the School Library
Implementing action research in a school library can be an empowering experience. It not only allows for ways to improve practice but also to improve student performance. Read More
School Librarians as Researchers: A Practical Approach
School librarians face a range of challenges in their libraries. Some are minor problems, easily fixable through trial and error. However, some challenges are bigger, more deeply seated and complex, and can have more impact. Solutions to these problems require an in-depth, well-planned research-based approach that requires specific data. Read More
Creating Reconsideration Policies That Matter
How do you stand up for every student's right to read and keep your job? How do you avoid becoming defensive in the face of someone's questioning your morality and professionalism? There really is only one way to prepare—with policies and procedures that support you in times of crisis, so you don't have to panic. Read More
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