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You Already Are a Storyteller
Carl A. Harvey II
I realized I had been a storyteller and telling stories for many years without realizing it. My stories were about school libraries and what happens in them every day. What's important is to think about who is listening to those stories and whether they are passing them along. Read More
Management Matters
Don't let time get the better of you. Instead, look at better ways to do the things you are doing. Find more time by managing your time!
Setting the Standard
Storytelling, fiction or nonfiction, provides learners with an opportunity to go beyond their situations and enter new and oftentimes unfamiliar spaces. Books and other materials provide windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors, and an opportunity for learners to Think, Create, Share, and Grow.
All Access
Many online platforms exist to allow teachers to pay other teachers for content to use in their classrooms. What are the copyright considerations with these materials? It's more complicated than you think!
Light of Inspiration: Making the Most of a Picture Book
My trip to a Maine lighthouse served as inspiration for a library lesson this year. I especially appreciate how I could incorporate my own learning with my professional learning to the benefit of my students. My experience with this lesson showed me that the stories in our lives have a way of connecting, if we pay attention to them! Read More
Programming with Diversity in Mind: Conducting a Diversity Audit
Have you noticed that the authors you share, the titles you display, the books you read to classes are often the ones that get checked out the most? Our populations are diverse and we need to be purposeful about the books we share (or "bless") so that they reflect our audience. Read More
Know Better. Do Better
It took me several years in education before I really started to see the students I was teaching. I had always seen a class of learners in front me. I had always valued their uniqueness, their individual passions, their distinct voices in our classroom community. But it wasn't until midway into my ninth year, long after earning tenure and a master's degree and National Board Certification, that how I viewed my students became so profoundly changed. This article is my attempt at communicating in words that which has been working in my heart since I first saw my students with this new clarity. Read More
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