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Summertime – Keep Reading
Carl A. Harvey II
Most of us have already pulled together our stack of summer reads. I know my pile is growing more and more all the time as I see what my friends are reading, and I'm already in countdown mode for my week at the beach! It's important that we try to help our students build those summer reading piles and get access to great books to read over the summer, too. Read More
Future Forward
Kim Gangwish
Summer Renewal
I hope that you take time this summer to focus on your own well-being. This will make sure that your future self will go into the new school year with a fresh perspective and a great energy to work with students and teachers. School librarians are an integral part of a school. And we can only continue to do that if we bring our best self to work each day.
Management Matters
Barbara McLeod, Kim Sigle, and Kesha S. Valentine
Losing Readers Is Worse than Losing Books
Equity remains one of the most significant concepts when deciding how to develop library procedures and manage resources. In addition to our many hats, we are now called upon to be equity warriors. We hold the perfect position to welcome all students into a safe learning environment that supports them in their personal growth and academic development. It is our charge to provide equal access to books and other resources to support our students in their personal growth and academic development.
All Access
As teachers, we have an obligation to teach our students about the importance of intellectual freedom and free speech. Banned Books Week, held from September 22–28 this year, is the perfect opportunity to educate our students and teachers alike.
Summertime Fun Makes a Better Teacher
Summer vacation is here! Time to get out and enjoy what the world has to offer. Some of us will hike in a national park, others will visit ancient ruins, or maybe a garden will get started in a backyard. Perhaps a new craft will be learned in a workshop. It is our time to see, do, create, and learn. While we are out gathering experiences, we are gaining valuable background knowledge to share with students. Read More
Painting with Light
I paint with light, via photography, in order to immerse readers in snow storms, raindrop landscapes, mass wildflower blooms, the experiences of frogs, and colorful farmer's market days. Read More
Doing the Job without the Job Doing You In
From the Archives—You already know from library school some things that you should do as a library media specialist, namely collaborate with teachers to integrate information skills instruction with classroom content, encourage reading, teach wise use of technology, and advocate for the library media center program. Maybe what isn't talked about as much is what a library media specialist should not do. Read More
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