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Organization & Management
Editor’s Note
Taking Ownership
Carl A. Harvey II
We've been talking about collaboration forever when it comes to school libraries. The word is mentioned no less than seventeen times in the AASL Standards. It has been and continues to be a critical part of school libraries! Read More
Management Matters
Kesha S. Valentine
Be Kind to Yourself
Librarians have the best job in the world —who else can apply for a job as a superhero? However, we might be our own kryptonite by working beyond the balance our lives need.
Setting the Standard
One of the ways to take some time to reflect on the current strengths and areas of growth for your school library is to use the AASL School Library Evaluation Checklist.
All Access
As school has shutdown in the wake of COVID-19, my role certainly changed. Immediately, I went into triage trying how to best meet the information access needs of all of my students. The situation has been fluid and hour to hour since the virus has taken hold throughout the states. What's a school librarian to do?
Intellectual Freedom and Privacy News You Can Use
Intellectual freedom and privacy have been core values of librarians for decades. Although the principles remain strong, challenges to intellectual freedom and privacy in schools continue to evolve. Fortunately, there are resources to combat the threats to the right to read, view, and listen as well as to protect the privacy of library users. To provide the latest information, I communicated directly with the individuals who are on the front lines of national intellectual freedom and privacy issues. Read More
Each year, state and national associations search for candidates for offices and volunteers for committees and that raises a question. Why would people who are already working full time and who have personal lives and commitments, agree to additional work? Read More
Signs, Signs, Signs: Rethinking Information Access in a High School...
We reflected on the most basic purpose of our signs and the message, if any, we were sending by what students saw on the walls. Taking a step back and considering the basic question of our signage's intent proved highly instructive. Read More
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