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Instructional Leadership
Editor’s Note
The Community's Heartbeat
Leslie B. Preddy
As I mature as a librarian and develop a better understanding of the evolving nature of community, I find more and more of my think-time devoted to the idea of togetherness a community can provide. Read More
Leap into Reading
Having a paid assistant in the school library, is more than a gift. It's a necessity. You benefit by having more time to plan, teach, and develop as a professional. When the results trickle down to your students, they win too.
Technology Connections
Heather Moorefield-Lang
Jeffry A. Lang
By being cyber literate, students and faculty in our learning communities will further understand what it means to be safe and proactive in a cyber environment.
Adding Friction: How to Design Deliberate Thinking into the Research Process
When we offer students an open invitation to learn, immerse themselves, and explore, they find fascinating tidbits, hooks to learning more. Yet, how do we help them determine what stays and what goes?
Human Rights—Global Engagement
As technology helps connect us across the world, our students need to develop a global perspective and understanding so they can contribute meaningfully to society and help find solutions to problems. We use a variety of ways to connect, bringing in special speakers, video conferencing, or even using virtual reality to bring students a more immersive understanding. Read More
I See You: Cultivating Relationships to Build Strong Library Media...
In order to support the work of students and teachers and impact student achievement, our school library programs must be strong, vibrant, and dynamic. Building relationships with all members of our school community—students, teachers, administration, parents, and community partners—is important to the success of our school library programs and to the success of our students. Read More
Teaching the Teachers
There are now many ways to present and personalize professional learning. By taking advantage of the many strategies and topics available, librarians can add value to their positions, transform teachers, and positively impact student learning throughout the school. Read More
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