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Before I Had a Game Plan
Leslie B. Preddy
Way, way back when I was in college and much younger than now, my professor in a library and education course assigned our small class of prospective school librarians the task of creating a lesson. The assignment was given before the talk of rubrics, and before professors put clearly defined expectations in print; so, without much guidance, much clarity, and no real-world experience, I set out to create my first library lesson. Read More
Leap into Reading
However, whenever, and wherever you do it, connecting with children's book publishers is worth your efforts. Remember it's a win for you, a win for the publisher, and most importantly, a win for your students.
Technology Connections
Heather Moorefield-Lang
Online Resources in Gaming
If you give your students a chance to create their own games, just think of the awesome collaboration and coding opportunities your students will get to explore. Here are some fun gaming/programming digital tools for you and your students to discover.
Adding Friction: How to Design Deliberate Thinking into the Research Process
Debbie Abilock explains verifying quotations and citing quotes drawn from secondary sources.
Glad You Game to the Library: Using Games to Teach and Assess...
Gaming not only makes content and assessment fun for students, but also is a showcase for new national library standards and an advocacy tool for keeping our libraries open and accessible to all students. Read More
Making, Coding, and Games!
Through offering various making and coding activities, I found students love creating their own games and gain many benefits in the process. I have been able to provide students at East Middle School a variety of ways to get involved in making and coding by sponsoring Hour of Code events, a maker club, and a Girls Who Code club. Read More
WondAR and DiscoVR @Your Library
Augmented and virtual reality have been seeping into our culture mainly through businesses, and it is exciting to see businesses and corporations being forward thinkers. At the same time, educators have the obligation to lift the veil and reveal the magic of these concepts. Further, educators have a unique opportunity to enable students to be more than mere consumers. Read More
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