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Instructional Leadership
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Navigating Safety for the Next Generation
Leslie B. Preddy
Navigating the Internet safely is a challenge for our youth who lack interest or don't yet have the ability to consider future consequences. Student naiveté was most apparent to me while coordinating all 1300 of our middle school students to participate in an interactive, cybersafety training presented by the local prosecutor's office. Read More
Leap into Reading
You don't have to have a performing arts or writing degree to excel in reader's theatre. All you need is a passion for watching your students succeed at leaping out of their comfort zone and into the spotlight.
Technology Connections
Ida Mae Craddock
Heather Moorefield-Lang
This month's column focuses on some of the winners from AASL's Best Websites for Teaching and Learning List. There were some great ones this year.
Adding Friction: How to Design Deliberate Thinking into the Research Process
A mid-career librarian writes, "With our new principal's encouragement, suddenly I feel 'visible.' Now everyone wants my help—but now I'm swamped with students' works cited!"
Librarianship in the Age of the Filter Bubble
While we typically hear the term "customized" or "personalized" in a positive light, when seeking information, those customizations can actually translate into bias and ignorance. What Eli Pariser termed "the filter bubble," the algorithms used to provide targeted search results and tailored news feeds are creating a distorted and divided reality by only revealing one side of the story—the side you want to see. Read More
Learning to Build Breakouts from Scratch
Building a breakout from scratch isn't easy, but it is worthwhile as you can focus in on your specific curriculum, help your students learn in a more interesting way, and allow them to memorably retain knowledge. Read More
Connecting with the Arts: Making Collaborations Work
How can a school librarian reach out to those teachers who are often islands? What are some things that can encourage fine arts teachers to pair up with you? Read More
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