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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship
Leslie B. Preddy
I've been married for more than two decades, so I understand that all relationships ebb and flow, but can that be true with something as abstract as a relationship with literature? Understanding the ups and downs, I wondered, if research about human relationships will help me regain my affection for reading. Read More
Leap into Reading
I appreciate so much in my life that when it comes my turn to proclaim my thanks at the Thanksgiving table I freeze. Do I talk about my family? Friends? The delicious food? What about my life as a librarian? It defines so much of who I am. Go ahead, grab that turkey leg and get comfortable. I have a lot to be thankful for:
Technology Connections
Heather Moorefield-Lang
Collaborative Writing Resources
Inspiring in our young people a lifelong love of reading, for both learning and pleasure, remains—and should always remain—a core aspect of school librarianship. As embedded as we may be with technology, literature and literacy is still central to our mission. Hand in hand with reading also comes writing. In this month's column I will be featuring some collaborative writing spots, useful for our students to gain writing experience and interaction with their peers.
Adding Friction: How to Design Deliberate Thinking into the Research Process
"Verify your facts in three sources" is a common mental shortcut, but don't overlook the need to teach students to properly evaluate and compare these sources.
Students' Graphs Promote Reading
I approached teachers for a project to create graphs based on library statistics. Students would get real-life, hands-on experience with graphing, and I could use the graphs to demonstrate progress toward reading goals and to communicate with the school community. Read More
Raising Bookworms: Getting Kids Reading for Pleasure and Empowerment
Through the Children's Lit Fellows program, I had the privilege of receiving instruction from famous children's author Emma Walton Hamilton. She is a bestselling author, won a Grammy award, is a master teacher, and also happens to be the daughter of a very prominent celebrity. When my year in the program concluded, I wanted to share Emma and her expertise with the world, and I was delighted when she agreed to be interviewed by me. Read More
Instruction with Techno-Storytime
Traditional storytime experiences are packed with positive benefits and are the cornerstone of many school library media center student experiences. Storytimes are, however, predominately lacking in technology. Should we care? Read More
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