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Community Readiness
Rebecca J. Morris
Through resources, instruction, and opportunities, school libraries, operating in the context of the school at large, aim to prepare young people for their next settings of learning and work (college and career), and, importantly, students' day-to-day experiences and responsibilities in the world right now (community). Read More
Full Voice
Reaching out to the public librarian in my community has proven to be a smart and strategic pathway to advocating for libraries with the students, parents, administration, and residents.
Research into Practice
Michelle Maniaci Folk
Lucy Santos Green
School library-community partnerships benefit students, parents, teachers, and community members. They enrich student learning by connecting academic content with immediate and relatable community experiences.
Advocacy in Reach
Numerous resources exist in our towns and cities: historical societies, fire and police departments, doctors, lawyers, artists, musicians, authors, and more. In our high school, we have engaged our library programming with many community groups and agencies over the years. These activities can be an important advocacy piece for the library.
Librarians as Paradigm Shifters for Justice
School librarians, like classroom teachers, can be socialized into punitive cultures in schools. However, school librarians can and do actively resist these norms. Here, I offer four pedagogical stances for paradigm shifting toward justice that can inform the work librarians are doing in schools. Read More
Service Learning @ the Library
I feel so lucky to be in a position to be a helper in many ways—not only for my students, but also for those in our community and beyond. We know that librarians just want to help people, and we know it is not only research skills and books we can provide! Read More
Librarians Collaborate—With Each Other!
Are we preparing our students for their post-high school world? One way to find out was to ask college and public librarians how they see our graduates. This idea led to holding collaborative meetings of librarians across institutions in our area. In this article, I walk you through the process of organizing our meeting, what we learned from each other, and what we are hoping to accomplish. Read More
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