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Thinking of Yourself
Rebecca J. Morris
May I suggest taking a few moments this summer shine a light on you, and what you do, in a more tangible and immediate way? Here, I've listed a few ideas and resources for resumes, social media, biographical notes, and headshots. These aren't always actions related to job seeking; view these as professional caretaking steps that present you, and in turn, the school library and your school, in a current, intentional, and positive way. Read More
Full Voice
Anita M. Cellucci
We all approach recovery differently. As I recover from the pace of the school year, I spend the first few days writing lists of things I hope to accomplish over the summer. This always includes books, travel, and professional development courses, workshops, or seminars.
Research into Practice
Liz Deskins
Meghan Harper
Educator self care is critical after a busy, stressful school year. Recharging needs to be a priority, especially in the summer when there is time to focus on one's own individual needs.
Connection Point
Whether you are starting a new position or returning to a familiar one you've held for years, one of the first things we want to do is to generate excitement and create a good name for the library program.
Advocacy Begins at Home
We cannot just focus our advocacy on the people who we know don't know enough about school libraries. We need to pay just as much, if not more, attention to the people we are confident know what we do each day. Read More
Read Like a Wedding Crasher!
Catching up on professional journal reading, I came across a brilliantly written piece by Tom Newkirk, espousing that we should "read like wedding crashers." When crashing a wedding, we are out of our element—where we are not comfortable. Read More
Librarians as Paradigm Shifters for Justice
School librarians, like classroom teachers, can be socialized into punitive cultures in schools. However, school librarians can and do actively resist these norms. Here, I offer four pedagogical stances for paradigm shifting toward justice that can inform the work librarians are doing in schools. Read More
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