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What Your State Humanities Council Can Do for You
Rebecca J. Morris
Empowerment of voice, sharing of story, and celebration of diversity drive the varied activities of the National Endowment for the Humanities and its nonprofit affiliates, state humanities councils. In preparing this issue, I've come to realize the resources and opportunities that these organizations provide, from fellowships to teaching resources to community partnership programs. Read More
Full Voice
The integration of the digital and civic literacy framework and social justice standards from Teaching Tolerance will provide the opportunity for students to not only become more self aware but to also become better able to understand and grapple with complex moral issues and the complexities of humanity.
Research into Practice
A resurgence in humanities education is a positive and welcoming opportunity for school librarians to collaborate and exercise their professional training to foster civic engagement and digital literacy.
Connection Point
The administration, school board, and parents can become a strong support network if we can communicate the value of the library program through consistent means.
The Janus Decision: A Chance for School Librarian Leadership
One of the most important lessons we're trying to teach students these days is to carefully evaluate the source of the information they find, and to consider the purpose it. It's important for education professionals to do the same, and never was this more important than with the 2018 Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees decision from the Supreme Court. School librarians are uniquely positioned to demonstrate leadership regarding this important legal ruling that will shape the lives of education professionals for years to come Read More
Making VR a Reality in Your School Library
Starting a virtual reality program in your library may seem like a daunting endeavor, but recruiting a few key stakeholders, starting small, and blending the technology into existing programs can make the task more manageable. Read More
Sources, Censorship, & Sensibility
Now, more than ever, school librarians are essential in ensuring that students and faculty are using, analyzing, and diving deep into information that is factual and relevant in a world where manipulation and misrepresentation are a recurring possibility. This article aims to offer questions to ponder and conversations to start. Read More
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