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Unforgettable Games
Rebecca J. Morris
Thinking about the memorable games from my childhood, I remember an array of feelings associated with playing: enjoyment, uncertainty, pride, relaxation, pressure, annoyance, excitement, envy, triumph, frustration, and maybe a little boredom. Read More
Full Voice
Community building has the ability to transform the way in which a school is able to tackle issues within teaching and learning and that school librarians can play an important role.
Research into Practice
Michelle Maniaci Folk
Lucy Santos Green Ph.D.
Librarians do not hesitate to describe books as windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors into our own experiences and the experiences of others. What some folks may not realize, is that gaming offers many of the same benefits.
Advocacy in Reach
The school library is a safe environment for students to explore gaming and coding for the classroom and for personal uses. When we encourage coding and gaming in the library, we should strive to promote the activities so that others can see how innovation can be supported within our programs.
Our Ongoing Journey into Project-Based Learning
For me, letting go of my hard earned "library lesson expertise" and looking at ways to build information literacy concepts and knowledge about processes, skills, and research tools into other people's instruction has been challenging but worth the effort. Read More
Creating Educational Escape Rooms
For two summers now we have also hosted escape room workshops at the Georgetown County Library System. Library patrons (tweens, teens, and adults) joined us to learn about escape rooms and how to create them. Many of our patrons didn't have a clear idea of what an escape room really was or how far they could stretch the concept of an immersive experience through puzzle solving. Read More
Educational Escape Rooms 101
Schools and libraries are incorporating escape rooms into their programming not only because it makes learning more fun, but because this type of programming is flexible, helps students' memory retention, and teaches communication skills. Read More
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