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One-Question Survey Followup: Leadership & Expertise
Jen Gilbert
This month's One-Question Survey was on the topic of leadership—specifically, "In what areas, aside from research and literature, are you considered to be an expert?" Reflecting on the results, leads us to see how our expertise and passion as school librarians, lead us to try new things which, in turn, is what leads others to see our expertise. Read More
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About This Webinar
Easy as 1, 2, 3: Practical Tactics to Advocate for Your Library Today

Jump into this webinar to uncover strategies to advocate for your library from the hallway to the town hall, including how to build coalitions to influence policy, craft more powerful narratives about your library, and help administrators see the magic of your library.

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Elementary School
Curriculum Connections for Eye on Historical Sources Series
Highlights From the Current Issue of School Library Connection
Lead Larger
by Susan D. Ballard and Kristin Fontichiaro
Notes from the Editors
Carl A. Harvey II, Organization & Management
Conducting a Symphony
Leslie B. Preddy, Instructional Leadership
The Leadership Puzzle
Rebecca J. Morris, Perspectives & Partners
Who Can Be a Leader?
Merci Suárez Changes Gears
This book introduces the reader to a close knit, wonderful family who are proud of their heritage and culture and who want to make a difference in the world. Merci is a relatable character who has her faults but who tries to navigate middle school and stay true to herself and her family. Read More
Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish
Marcus Vega has been described as the "Mastodon of Montgomery Middle School" for his enormous weight and height. Yet he prides himself on his role as paid bodyguard against bullies and enforcer of school policy on littering and cell phone use, reminiscent of Chris Rylander's The Fourth Stall series. Read More
Note from the Editor
Middle grade fiction is the important bridge from reading picture books in early childhood to reading edgy YA as teenagers and beyond. Books can offer a mirror, holding up their own experiences for thoughtful scrutiny or a window into other ways of being, fostering empathy for others. Since individual readers come to particular books at different moments in their lives, books may help children discover insights they might otherwise not have experienced in their personal lives. Read More
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Must-Have Book
Political Advocacy for School Librarians: Leveraging Your Influence
by Ann Dutton Ewbank