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Reviews Roundup: National Hobby Month
Doug Ogden, Reviews Editor
What's your favorite hobby? In honor of National Hobby Month, the reviews team at SLC has compiled a list of great titles that celebrate the many things makers can accomplish, provide budding enthusiasts with ideas for their next great project, and offer support for educators looking to encourage the hobbyists in their own communities. Read More
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Elementary Educator's Guide to Primary Sources

In this webinar, Tom Bober shares shares insights on the benefits of primary source analysis to student thinking and learning along with steps and strategies to unleash them in the classroom or library.

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The Road to a More Diverse Congress through Primary Sources
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Carl A. Harvey II, Organization & Management
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Rebecca J. Morris, Perspectives & Partners
Nothing to Fear
Alan Gratz continues to tackle historical fiction topics in this story based on the Battle of Okinawa during World War II. The story of the bloody battle is told by two narrators in alternating chapters: Hideki is an Okinawan boy recruited to fight for the Japanese in the Blood and Iron Student Corps, while Ray is a young Marine whose orders are to take the island and push back the Japanese. Read More
Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster
Jonathan Auxier weaves a magical spell that draws readers right into the stark, gritty streets of Victorian London and the dangerous world of the chimney sweeps and their climbing boys—typically young orphans small enough to climb up the chimneys to clean flues. Eleven-year-old Nan Sparrow is one of the best of these climbing boys despite the fact she is a girl. Read More
Note from the Editor
I think that January should be "National Historical Fiction" month because it's a perfect time to look back and read books about the past to help us move into the New Year. Many young readers see it as the castor oil of children's literature—good for them, but not pleasant. We need to change that perception! Fortunately, there are many excellent novels that infuse humor in the history or incorporate fantastic time travel or tap into themes that are particularly timely. Read More
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