Building Common Ground • Community
Activity: Reach Out to the Community


Community partnerships support the academic and instructional aspects of the school library program, as well as the less tangible (but no less significant) aims to support students' development as citizens of the community and the world. Potential partners for learning, programming, service, and other activities include the PTO or other parent organizations in the school, the public library and academic libraries, local media and businesses and organizations, and other school libraries in your district, region, or state.


Do some homework on your school's parent-teacher organization or a local community group, such as a service organization. Who are the members and leaders, and what is the structure? Are there regular meetings and/or online activities? What is important to this group? What services do they offer?

As described in the workshop, draw a "T" table on a piece of paper. On one side, list the opportunities and resources that the school library can offer to your school's parent-teacher organization or local community group. On the other side, list things that the school library might gain from this group, such as subject experts, in-kind donations, or grant funding. Do you see any ways that these needs and offerings might align? Identify ways that you might connect the school library program with the needs and resources of the school or community group.

Working with the help or support of your school administration, make a plan to reach out for a preliminary meeting with this group. Attend a general meeting, if possible.


Parent-teacher or community group information (will vary); pen/pencil and paper or word processing application

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