Services for Black Youth • Literacy Education: A Social Justice Issue
Activity: Foundations for Your Learning


According to Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Casey H. Rawson, high-quality literacy education for African American youth is an issue of social justice and "a professional mandate that needs to be brought to the forefront of library practice." Critical Race Theory (CRT), introduced in this lesson, is among the research-based theories and frameworks applied in this workshop to build suggestions for everyday library practice. Establishing this theoretical foundation is necessary in order to plan practical steps in the context of the larger picture of systemic issues pertaining to race in America.


Following the instructions of Dr. Hughes-Hassell, begin this workshop by checking your understanding of educational opportunities available to African American students: Check Your Knowledge in the Learning Support. Review the answers at the bottom of the page.

What information was surprising to you to learn? What topic(s) introduced here do you want to investigate further?


Check Your Knowledge in the Learning Support.

MLA Citation Morris, Rebecca J. "Services for Black Youth: Foundations for Your Learning." School Library Connection, May 2017,

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