Services for Black Youth • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Activity: Further Learning about Culturally Relevant Pedagogy


Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) is "teaching that empowers students by valuing and incorporating elements of their cultures in the classroom." The dominant culture of a classroom shapes the lived experience of students. With expectations and emphases that may be different from the home, family, and cultural lives of students of color, students' performance or a teacher's understanding of their motivation can be negatively affected. The following qualities characterize CRP: it is

  • validating,
  • comprehensive,
  • multidimensional,
  • empowering and transformative, and
  • emancipatory.

Librarians can enact the dynamic approach that is refelctive of CRP through programming, instruction, interactions with students, and opportunities for students to consume and create culture.


As recommended in this lesson, read about the suggested resources in the Annotated Bibliography. Select a resource, or a few, to read and share with a colleague, possibly to learn more deeply about a topic you identified in the exercise from Lesson 1. A few resources are available online and others can be borrowed from the public library.


Annotated Bibliography and selected resources (will vary)

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