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Activity: Making a Makerspace

Just as you might ask students to explore concepts using different modalities, allow yourself to push your thinking by getting your hands busy. First, read the following SLC article, "Maker, Thinker, Hacker? Active Learning Spaces in K-12 Libraries," to learn more about possibilities for arranging a dynamic makerspace, then complete the reflection activity below.



Create a 3D version of a makerspace/active learning area for your students. Use playdough, clay, Legos, folded paper, or some other tactile materials to build out different options. Be imaginative: create the makerspace of your dreams. Afterwards, use the form above to reflect and write down what can you pull from these ideas to add to your real-life library design.

MLA Citation Editorial Team, SLC. "Library Facility Design: Making a Makerspace." School Library Connection, January 2019,

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