Power Up Your Read-Alouds: Building Reading Excitement through Technology
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Author(s): Andrea Paganelli
Pages: 150 • Volumes: 1 • Size: 6 1/8x9 1/4
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781440865206
Capture the hearts, minds, and attention of your digital-age listeners using read-aloud experiences that engage technology.

"I wish my learners would be as excited about reading as they are about technology" is a lament frequently sung by those who seek to support reading development. There is no debate that reading is fundamental and that reading aloud strongly supports lifelong reading engagement. Technology, however, is ubiquitous in our society, and engagement with it is essential for our success. Reading and technology are therefore in competition for learners' attention, but by combining reading and technology through use of read-aloud, facilitators can create engaging digital read-aloud programs to enhance the learning experience.

Digital read-aloud can be used with multiple age groups, in a variety of settings, and with differing degrees of expense and technology complexity. Understanding that these myriad options can be overwhelming, however, Andrea Paganelli offers detailed information on the background, implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of technology-infused read-aloud for reading support persons, school librarians, public librarians, instructional librarians, teachers, and professors. Her ideas span multiple ages and subjects and include practical examples designed to engage both educators and readers.

• Organizes a compilation of read-aloud resources by resource category, group size, age level, and subject
• Provides background on the importance of digital read-aloud and information on how to implement it
• Offers a guide to reading aloud with technology for varied ages
• Helps libraries to connect readers with technology resources

Author Info
Andrea Paganelli is an assistant professor at Western Kentucky University. She served as a guest editor for the "Power to the Pupil: Student Agency in the School Library," March/April 2017 issue and wrote the January/February 2016 article "Storytime in a Digital World: Making a Case for Thinking Outside of the Book" for Knowledge Quest. Her coauthored publications include "The Makerspace Experience and Teacher Professional Development," "School Library eBook Providers and Spanish Language Equity: An Analysis of eBook Collections Available to School Libraries," and "The Online Embedded Personal Librarian Approach to Providing Reference Services via a Course Management System."

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