Library Facility Design


A well-designed school library draws students and teachers into its space and helps facilitate thriving library programs. Whether you're ready to make small changes or to undertake a complete renovation, this workshop will teach you the essentials for designing a dynamic center for learning, from the theory behind effective learning spaces to the nuts and bolts of managing the redesign process.


  • Learn key principles for designing student learning spaces, including large group spaces, small group spaces, individual study spaces, and makerspaces
  • Learn how to implement a needs assessment to facilitate any level of facility redesign
  • Learn the foundations for shaping collection and technology spaces
  • Learn strategies to propose, fund, and manage changes to school library facilities


Each workshop lesson includes video content, a follow-up activity to show evidence of learning, and additional optional activities to help you further extend and apply your learning.

Introduction Video

Lesson 1: Guiding Principles for Learning Spaces

  • Activity 1: Sensory Spaces
  • Optional Activity 2: Teaching Philosophies

Lesson 2: Assessing Community Needs

  • Activity 1: Assessing Your Community's Needs
  • Optional Activity 2: Student Voices
  • Optional Activity 3: Managing Behavior through Design

Lesson 3: Collection Spaces

  • Activity 1: Zone Maps
  • Optional Activity 2: Signage
  • Optional Activity 3: Effective Collection Spaces

Lesson 4: Technology Spaces

  • Activity 1: Infinite Possibilities
  • Optional Activity 2: Collaborating with IT

Lesson 5: Instructional Spaces

  • Activity 1: Making a Makerspace
  • Optional Activity 2: Adaptive Spaces

Lesson 6: Proposing Design Changes

  • Activity 1: Transformation
  • Optional Activity 2: Design Challenge
  • Optional Activity 3: Looking at Trends

Lesson 7: Funding Library Redesigns

  • Activity 1: Funding Sources
  • Optional Activity 2: Writing for Funding

Lesson 8: Managing Library Redesigns

  • Activity 1: Documenting Change
  • Optional Activity 2: Matching Mission to Design

Closing Video

Workshop Quiz


Earn 3 professional development clock hours for completing this workshop's videos, readings, activities, and quiz. Consult with your supervisory organization about applying these to your professional development requirements.


To show evidence of learning for this course, complete and share the following:

  1. Teaching Philosophies Reflection
  2. Assessing Your Community's Needs Survey Results
  3. Zone Map Example
  4. Infinite Possibilities Reflection
  5. Making a Makerspace Reflection
  6. Transformation Reflection
  7. Funding Sources Chart
  8. Documenting Change Reflection
  9. Workshop Quiz Results / Certificate of Completion


Rebecca J. Morris, MLIS, PhD, earned her master's degree and doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh and her undergraduate degree in elementary education at Pennsylvania State University. Rebecca teaches graduate courses in school librarianship and youth library services. Rebecca has published articles in journals including School Library Research, Knowledge Quest, School Libraries Worldwide, Teacher Librarian and the Journal of Research on Young Adults in Libraries. She is the author of School Libraries and Student Learning: A Guide for School Leaders (Harvard Education Publishing Group, 2015). Rebecca is a former elementary classroom teacher and middle school librarian.

Susan Kowalski is the middle school librarian at Pine Grove Middle School in the East Syracuse Minoa School District and is a 2003 graduate of Syracuse University. Pine Grove Library was recognized as National School Library Program of the Year in 2011 and Kowalski was honored with the "I Love My Librarian" Award in 2012.

Jane Cullina, MSEd, is the professional development specialist for School Library Connection. A former children's librarian and humanities teacher, Jane earned her master's degree from the Bank Street College of Education in New York City and has taught in Boston, New York, Maine, California, and South Africa.


School Library Connection is a publication of Libraries Unlimited, a publisher in the field of academic, public, school, and special libraries since 1964. Libraries Unlimited's mission—to cultivate and maintain a supportive community where librarians, archivists, and information specialists can learn about and discuss leading-edge trends and acquire new skills through every phase of their careers—is supported by over 2,000 publications. Since 2008, Libraries Unlimited has been an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, an award-winning publisher of digital and print products in the realms of reference, contemporary thought, and professional development. With both a long-standing reputation for authoritative and trustworthy materials and a current prominence in delivering cutting-edge content in diverse and innovative forms, ABC-CLIO continues to be driven by pursuit of its core mission: to serve as source, catalyst, and support of lifelong learning.


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