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Search Engine Scavenger Hunt
Teaching Elementary Students Real-Life Inquiry Skills

This lesson plan and corresponding reproducible appear in Teaching Elementary Students Real-Life Inquiry Skills by Kristy Hill. In this book, Hill provides guidelines that elementary students can use to evaluate resources for accuracy and credibility, explains how to teach students not only where to look for information but also how to gather and use that information, offers lesson plans that build research and note-taking skills, and teaches inquiry as a mode of learning. Learn more at https://www.abc-clio.com/ABC-CLIOCorporate/product.aspx?pc=A5694P.

Hill explains how to use the lesson plans in the book:

The simple and engaging lessons are meant to be scaffolded from kindergarten through sixth grade. For younger students, the lessons might look more like the teacher or librarian modeling the steps and ideas, or it might look more like a whole group activity. After proper modeling, older students should be able to engage in the lessons independently or in small groups. There is no right or wrong way to do the lessons. Your professional judgment and knowledge of your students and curriculum requirements will help you determine how best to present and conduct the lessons.

Search Engine Scavenger Hunt

Objective: Students use search engines to locate information and investigate questions.

Materials Needed: Internet access and Search Engine Scavenger Hunt reproducible and answer key:


Beginner Researchers

Beginner researchers can complete this as a whole group, with teachers and librarians facilitating. Allow students to take turns using the computer, and project the screen for all to see. Discuss the scavenger hunt as you go.

Advanced Researchers

Advanced researchers should be able to complete this activity independently or in small groups. Make a copy of the scavenger hunt for each student or small group, or allow them to upload it to their online drives or portfolios.


  1. What new information did you learn about sloths that you didn't already know?
  2. How easy or difficult was it for you to locate the information you were looking for?


  1. Share what you noticed about searching for information using the search engine versus searching for information in the National Geographic Kids' articles.
  2. How is searching for information using the Internet different from using a book? How is it the same?

About the Author

Kristy Hill, MLS, is an elementary school librarian on a K-4 campus, as well as a writing instructor for teachers in Keller ISD in Keller, TX. She co-authored Guided by Meaning in Primary Literacy: Libraries, Reading, Writing, and Learning and is working on her second book, Teaching Elementary Students Real Life Inquiry Skills. Kristy was awarded the 2018 Abydos International Sue German Award for her contributions to libraries and writing instruction.

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