The Only Woman in the Photo
Book cover
Frances Perkins & Her New Deal for America
Author(s): Kathleen Krull
Illustrator(s): Alexandra Bye
Publisher: Atheneum (Simon & Schuster)
Copyright Year: 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9781481491525

This is an excellent picture book biography for readers looking for a true account of a strong female figure or those interested in notable females in American history. This book presents the life of Frances Perkins, the first woman to serve on a president's cabinet and a champion of worker's rights. The book starts off with a little about her childhood, however the bulk of the text focuses on the professional parts of her life. Among her achievements detailed are her early participation in the field of social work, her work for the State of New York on the commission to regulate workplaces, her service as New York's industrial commissioner, and finally her appointment as Franklin Roosevelt's secretary of labor. The text is a beautifully written narrative that truly paints Frances as a hero and it is illustrated in realistic comic-style artwork. This book would be great for young feminist readers or as a great text to use as a class read aloud when studying interesting people or the history surrounding the Great Depression or the New Deal. I would recommend this book for all elementary age collections.

Reviewer: Michelle Bridges, Media Specialist, Sugar Creek Elementary School, Fort Mill, SC
Rating: Recommended
Grade (as stated by Reviewer/SLC): K-2
Review Date: December 1, 2019
Product Description

Discover the incredible life of Frances Perkins, the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet and the mastermind behind Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, in this fascinating picture book biography that's perfect for fans of I Dissent.

Most people know about President FDR, but do you know the woman who created his groundbreaking New Deal?

As a young girl, Frances Perkins was very shy and quiet. But her grandmother encouraged Frances to always challenge herself. When somebody opens a door to you, go forward.

And so she did.

Frances realized she had to make her voice heard, even when speaking made her uncomfortable, and use it to fight injustice and build programs to protect people across the nation. So when newly-elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt finally asked Frances to be the first female Secretary of Labor and help pull the nation out of the Great Depression, she knew she had to walk through that open door and forward into history.

In this empowering, inspirational biography, discover how the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet led the charge to create the safety net that protects American workers and their families to this day.

Media Type: Book, eBook
Binding: HC
# Pages: 48
Price: $18.99
Genre: Children's Books
Sub-Genre: Nonfiction
Entry ID: 2225547

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