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Author(s): Pete Oswald
Publisher: Candlewick Studio
Copyright Year: 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9781536201574

A father and child build lasting memories together on a trip to the wilderness in this picture book, appealing to nature lovers of all ages. The duo cheerfully travels up a mountainside, enjoying the calming watercolor scenery around them, and taking note of the feathers and footprints they find along the way. A lone moment of suspense arrives when the child must cross a log over a roaring river, but with the support of their father, they arrive safely to the other side. The story comes to a literal climax at the top of the mountain, where the pair plants a tree, a long-held tradition that eagle-eyes will recognize from a family album shown at the end of the book. In his first solo outing as both author and illustrator, Oswald proves to be an adept storyteller, creating a tale that speaks to the beauty of a loving family and the power of the natural world without employing a single written word. He is also clever in his choice of protagonists. Characters of color are underrepresented in children's publishing, so it is refreshing not only to see them in this title, but also to watch them engage in outdoor recreation, a true rarity in children's fiction. Additionally, the child is illustrated without any obvious visual gender markers, making this character relatable to every reader. Elementary schools and libraries serving preschool children and families should consider this title for their collections.

Reviewer: Alexandra Quay, Librarian, Sinai Akiba Academy, Los Angeles, CA
Rating: Recommended
Grade (as stated by Reviewer/SLC): PreK-2
Review Date: June 5, 2020
Product Description
Take to the trails for a celebration of nature — and a day spent with dad.

In the cool and quiet early light of morning, a father and child wake up. Today they're going on a hike. Follow the duo into the mountains as they witness the magic of the wilderness, overcome challenges, and play a small role in the survival of the forest. By the time they return home, they feel alive — and closer than ever — as they document their hike and take their place in family history. In detail-rich panels and textured panoramas, Pete Oswald perfectly paces this nearly wordless adventure, allowing readers to pause for subtle wonders and marvel at the views. A touching tribute to the bond between father and child, with resonant themes for Earth Day, Hike is a breath of fresh air.
Media Type: Book, eBook
Binding: HC
# Pages: 40
Price: $17.99
Genre: Children's Books
Sub-Genre: Picture Books
Entry ID: 2242106

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