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A Place for Students
Carl A. Harvey II
Recently when working with a class of undergraduates, I asked them what they remembered about their school libraries. The answers varied, but very few of the memories were about the lessons they had or a workshop they did. Instead, their memories were about their interactions with the librarian and the events and things that made the library special. Read More
Future Forward
School libraries can offer resources for working through tragedy and loss, but more importantly, school libraries can be the safe space that students need. A place to gather and be with others.
Management Matters
Kim Sigle
Kesha S. Valentine
School library collections should be vibrant changing spaces that provide relevant resources to our students. Weeding your collection on a regular basis is one way to ensure that students will find the items they need and want to use.
All Access
Is removing a book from the battle of the books list an act of censorship?
Creating a Kids Kindness Cart
We need to help our students think outside of themselves and to participate in activities where they can help others through even the simplest acts of kindness. If we weave such opportunities into our lessons and school activities, we can promote character education authentically with real life situations and hands-on learning. The simplest way to begin to culture of kindness and making a difference is through a kids kindness cart program. Read More
Certifiably Sustainable: New York State's School Librarians...
If you take the traditional approach to considering sustainability, you may be thinking you've already got this covered. You recycle at home and at work, you carry your reusable water bottle, and you make energy efficient choices when possible. While that all contributes in a very positive way to environmental sustainability, there is so much more happening with the New York Library Association's Sustainability Initiative. Read More
School Libraries Promoting a Culture of Hope and Resilience
The Flood of 2016 continues to have a far-reaching impact on the students' lives. Every heavy rain is a traumatic reminder for these children of the devastating floods. But as the days go by, the negative memories of this event are being replaced with images of courage, faith, and perseverance. A primary mission of East Baton Rouge school libraries is to not only assist with reading comprehension but also to reinforce the vision of a school culture filled with hope, love, kindness, and empathy. Read More
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