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Solving School Library Problems with Students
Carl A. Harvey II
School librarians aren't going to be able to solve the problems they face alone. Instead, we need to partner with various stakeholders in order to find solutions that will work for everyone. Some of those stakeholders can (and should be) students. Read More
Management Matters
In order to create an environment for ingenuity and problem solving, the library needs to provide resources and materials to facilitate this type of learning through designing instructional spaces that allow for these experiences to happen.
Dear Dara
What do you think Dara? One of the most frequent requests I get is for LGBTQ books. I am thinking of adding an LGBTQ sticker to all of the relevant books or creating a separate section for LGBTQ.
Copyright Corner
Six common misconceptions about copyright explained.
Wicked Problems and the Systems Thinking Skills We Need to Solve Them
The simple definition of a wicked problem is a problem without a specific solution. At first glance problems like poverty or climate change may seem like distant, adult dilemmas, however these are issues affecting our students and communities. When we call on librarians to prepare 21st-century learners, we are calling on them to help learners gain the skills necessary to tackle these dilemmas, and this is where systems thinking comes in. Read More
Designing a Library for Student Achievement Starts with You
As the school librarian, you are responsible for the whole library space not just the contents. Its appearance and arrangement contribute greatly to the success of your students. Your facility communicates your beliefs about your role as the school librarian and your vision for how your school library can be used. Read More
The Magic of Magazines
Magazines are a viable and ever-evolving way to assist in a child's reading life. Remember, all types of materials are important for children to develop a lifelong reading habit. Magazines are just one part of that habit. Read More
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