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Connect to Your Community
Carl A. Harvey II
As the school librarian, we are a natural conduit for bringing in local speakers, learning about our community, and making rewarding learning experiences in our community. Read More
Future Forward
As a school librarian, what you make available to your students can have lifelong impact on them. Providing them with materials that open their eyes, expand their imaginations, and teach valuable lessons is an important part of being a member of not only the school community, but the community in which they live.
Management Matters
In order to develop learners with an inclusive mindset and have learners work towards an understanding and appreciation of a global society, school librarians need to develop programming that utilizes resources from within and outside of the school community.
Dear Dara
Dear Dara—I'm the new librarian at my middle school. I've gathered that the previous librarian did all the laminating for the school. I don't want to burn bridges with teachers, but I really don't want to spend time laminating all this stuff either!
Sparking Humanities Conversations with Rural Community Partnerships
A focus on cultural heritage is an effective way to gather the community together and bring local history alive for students. Whether your community is large or small, partnerships are the key to connecting youth with a variety of resources and opportunities. Reach outside your library to spark meaningful learning experiences. Read More
Developing a Positive School Culture through #TeamLibrary
When I joined the library at Woodbridge Senior High School three years ago, I was mentored and partnered by Beth Bowen. Together with our library media assistant and our "Duplication Engineer," (collectively known as #TeamLibrary) we embraced positivity as a core value and set out to infuse all of our programming with it. Read More
Cataloging for Makerspaces
Although many school libraries include makerspaces, their catalogs do not always provide information about makerspace resources. Cataloging these resources can benefit school library users and staff in several ways. Read More
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