Organization & Management
Editor’s Note
Looking through a Different Lens
Carl A. Harvey II
The idea of perspectives helped me as I looked for authors to write in this issue. I decided I wanted to look at the world of children's literature from the perspective of the authors. Luckily a few of them were able to fit us into their busy writing schedules. Hopefully their articles will give us some new things to ponder in the world of children's and young adult literature. Read More
Future Forward
Being future forward means preparing our students for success in a technology driven world, but it also means ensuring our students know how to read for both personal pleasure and work demands.
Management Matters
As a school librarian, maintaining a collection that appeals to both the personal and academic needs of all patrons is central to our profession, no matter what level of learners we serve.
Dear Dara
Now that I am no longer eligible for the discount as a LIS student, I am wondering if I should remain a member of all these professional library organizations. Does it really benefit me professionally?
Author Visits: An Author's Point of View
Why take time away from my own writing to visit schools? Because, I want kids to experience that same wild, trembly, feeling I get when I first put pen to paper. Who knows what story will come tumbling out? I want to encourage them to write about the things they care about and to ramble around in their imaginations and create new worlds. Read More
Liaisons of Literature
After leaving teaching to become a writer, I had a gradual awakening to the overlap of my new career and my former one. This new awareness happened because instead of being in the same classroom every day, I was now visiting schools all over the country as a guest speaker and getting to know a different kind of teacher: the school librarian. Read More
Painting with Light
I paint with light, via photography, in order to immerse readers in snow storms, raindrop landscapes, mass wildflower blooms, the experiences of frogs, and colorful farmer's market days. Read More
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