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Where Do I Start?
Carl A. Harvey II
It is such a short powerful question, and yet one that can stop us all in our tracks. Without answering it we can't move forward. We can get stuck (or maybe even stopped) right there with that question. But, what we have to do is make a decision to not let us hold us back. We have to make a conscious decision to move forward and make a decision. Read More
Management Matters
With districts cutting school library budgets and sometimes even eliminating their certified librarians, it's important for librarians to communicate their value to all stakeholders.
Setting the Standard
The school library is a place that can begin the OER conversation. The National School Library Standards has Curate as one of its Shared Foundations and OER fits right in.
All Access
Does online story time infringe on the rights of the copyright holder? The answer is complicated and, as is often the case with copyright issues, not definitive.
My Journey to Being a Teacher of Teachers
My goal as a teacher of teachers is to continue learning as much as I can and doing whatever I can to train, share, and collaborate with other educators in order to encourage them to utilize the wonderful—and oftentimes FREE—technology tools that are available to them, that they may not have time to research and explore on their own. Read More
OER: Where Do I Start
As librarians, we want to help our faculty find the best access to the right resources that will help them in their teaching. Open education resources provide an economical and potentially transformable set of resources for teachers. What is an open education resource, and where do you get them? Is there only one type of resource you can use, or is there a variety? Should you use them in your classroom? If you decide to use them, how do you incorporate them into your teaching? After you have done this work, with whom do you communicate? Read More
Popup School Libraries
Public libraries are not the only ones who can benefit from pop-ups. School libraries, faced with a decrease in administrative support, job-cuts, and a focus on technology over books, can also benefit from offering pop-up services. Read More
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