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Being a Better Educator
Leslie B. Preddy
Being a trauma-informed educator is being a better educator. Every community has students dealing with trauma as well as students impacted by short-term and long-term stress and anxiety. Read More
Leap into Reading
Even if the timing doesn't quite line up, maybe you can take a break now to reflect and come up with some mid-school-year professional goals as we enter a new decade.
Technology Connections
Ida Mae Craddock
Heather Moorefield-Lang
One of the ways we can continue to offer computational thinking while not going back to school for a degree in computer science is by using block coding interfaces. In lieu of typing in lines of text, students drag and drop pre-created blocks of instructions into a work area, creating a program.
Adding Friction: How to Design Deliberate Thinking into the Research Process
The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is a procedure for deepening student learning through question generation, analysis, and reflection.
Sharing Ideas to Support Students
How can we help students learn to buffer stress and PTSD-like symptoms when they are experiencing trauma? Via our active school library network in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, several school librarians shared their best strategies. I have categorized these into five ways school librarians can help. Read More
Happy Days: A Guide to Putting Happiness on the School Calendar
In planning a well-being conference school librarians can apply their own programming, organizational, and resource gathering skills to design a uniquely suitable event by following some general guidelines. Read More
If Not Us, Then Who
When our students get out of their cars or off their buses or are walking to the doors, they might be dealing with divorce, substance abuse at home, verbal abuse, bullying, emotional neglect, a parent in prison, physical abuse, or discrimination. It does not matter what your title is within a building; everyone plays an integral part in helping our students stay regulated so they can be in the best educational environment possible to enhance their academic success. Read More
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