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Instructional Leadership
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Building from the Past for the Future
Leslie B. Preddy
Shortly after establishing my makerspace, I realized I needed to dig deeper. How could I progress students beyond play and guided experiences into independent and autonomous experiences? Read More
Leap into Reading
Today, I feed my love of theater and Broadway by seeing shows occasionally, reading books with references to theater, and bringing drama into the classroom and library.
Technology Connections
This month, let's take a look at online making, specifically tools that offer your students and library patrons the opportunity to make in a digital environment.
Adding Friction: How to Design Deliberate Thinking into the Research Process
How do we help children understand how scientists work?
TEAM Players: Making a Culture of Inquiry
Creating a school-wide culture of inquiry and making is not the work of a single day or even several months. Instead, it is the result of purposeful practice and partnerships developed over time as a staff learns and grows. The cornerstone of a successful program lies in a strong partnership between the school librarian and principal. Read More
Curriculum + Compassion = Creative Makerspaces
Students have been expected to learn curriculum standards for years. However, if we want our youngsters to use what they've learned to make the world a better place, then we need to provide them practice in thinking about other people. Making connections from what they know to how they can positively impact others' lives gives priceless life lessons. Read More
Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Library Makerspace
Welcoming makerspaces are a benefit to all, especially the differently abled student. Students with autism can thrive in our makerspaces through staff awareness and a few modifications to your program. Read More
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