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The Elevator Story
Rebecca J. Morris
Targeted messaging via specific, experience-based storytelling is critical if we want people to act. Just telling stories is not enough if we want school leaders to take steps that result in tangible, positive outcomes for our programs. Read More
Full Voice
Providing opportunity for students to find their personal identity or, through a discussion, to think about what a character is feeling and develop empathy, storytelling has always had a prominent place in my library.
Research into Practice
Liz Deskins
Meghan Harper
We are in a very powerful spot, as school librarians, where we can advise, suggest, and book talk just the right book for a person or class. It's our superpower! But this power goes even further: through the choices of stories that we curate, we are effectively creating the building blocks of a community of readers who then share ideas and build empathy.
Connection Point
In addition to the countless resources we have in the school library, another powerful aspect can be the large spaces. I've noticed that students, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders can tend to only think of the library as the place to check out books and print papers. You can easily shatter this dated concept by using the library space to create some memorable learning experiences regardless of the subject.
Story Science: A Prime Path to Learning
Your students love stories. They listen to stories. They remember stories. But have you ever wondered why? In this article, I want to summarize what we have found as we wire up audiences to watch their brains on story. More importantly, I want to suggest ways this information can accelerate your library teaching. Read More
Using Games as Storytelling Tools
If you or your patrons are looking for story, there is plenty to be found in games. By having a variety of games that represent the range of experiences between the poles of story arc and mechanism, you will be able to facilitate amazing game events. Read More
Storied Community: Fostering Storytime Discussions
Whether you are a librarian, entertainer, teacher, religious worker, or counselor, following a good story with engaging discussions rewards your audiences with a chance to make meaning with others and midwife surprisingly rich insights. You invite people from different backgrounds to hear and understand each other. Read More
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