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Editor’s Note
My Favorite Things
Rebecca J. Morris
We do love our lit, don't we? We have this thing where it's our job to read, but it's also our joy to read. As one of my favorite cookbook authors, Ina Garten, might say, "How great is that?" Read More
Full Voice
Anita M Cellucci
Growth in Reading
As educators we can and should dig deeper to understand our students' emotional well-being, and growth mindset may be a way for us to help students develop a strong sense of self and emotional grounding.
Research into Practice
As you continue to develop your school library's collection, remember you are curating mirrors and windows for your students. You are empowering them, through their love of literature, to become part of a rich and diverse global community.
Advocacy in Reach
Stony Evans
Let There Be Lit
Literacy promotion is one of the most important roles we have in our learning community, regardless of the ages we serve. Balancing learning about emerging technology while keeping up with new young adult fiction titles as they are released is an ongoing challenge for teacher librarians of all levels.
Kick (L)it into High Gear This Year
As a school librarian, I love to "share the awesome," so I'm sharing with you today some awesome ideas to kick lit into high gear, and get your students excited about reading and connecting. Read More
Poetry Is Lit
Poetry today is visually inviting, featuring work by more new poets than ever before: poets of color, poets from around the world, and even young people publishing their own poetry. Poetry offers us access to deeply felt emotions, powerful personal experiences, and nuggets of hope and empathy. Read More
Smart Speakers and School Libraries
When thinking about our school libraries and our students/populations being served, the idea of a hands-free, voice-activated system appears to be ideal. As librarians we seek to serve all students within all levels and abilities. Smart speakers could be a seamless match to differently-abled students, those who speak English as a second language, or students who simply want to delve into a variety of technology with their learning. Read More
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