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Who's Ready for Another Round—of OER?
Rebecca J. Morris
To help me think through OER as a component of collection development, and to formulate a notion of what leading with OER might entail for school librarians, I revisited a few related documents and texts. Read More
Full Voice
I recently attended two days of workshops with Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. I walked away with a clearer understanding of the work that needs to be done to move our schools toward anti-bias practices.
Research into Practice
Liz Deskins
Meghan Harper
Be the one who finds the best OER sources for your school or district, takes them to your administration, presents a plan to teach the teachers, and collaboratively creates lessons and units of study that successfully integrate these OERs with curriculum.
Connection Point
There are numerous virtual professional communities for school librarians that have developed on social media.This month, I will share the development of a local group of librarians and how it has impacted me professionally.
Addressing Student Access to Librarians and Libraries in Virtual...
Studies have shown that students do better in a resource-rich environment with regular exposure to reading materials and the guidance of a librarian. Presumably, we must conclude that virtual-education students would benefit from the presence of library staff in their learning environments as well, but librarians are not embedded in virtual-learning environments, at least not yet. That's about to change! Read More
Mindful Practices for the Elementary Library
Elementary students are at the ideal age to begin engaging in mindful practices. Just as literacy, inquiry, and technology skills taught by school librarians across the country are preparing students for their future selves, mindfulness is another a life skill that benefits from continuous practice from a young age. Read More
How Many Is Too Many? Introducing Digital Resources to Teachers
As librarians, some of us spend a big portion of our "free" time finding and evaluating new resources—and we enjoy it! But, what's the best way to introduce this new technology to our teachers? Read More
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