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Learning with Student Voices
Rebecca J. Morris
Whomever the learners might be, through teachers' growth, risk, and probably some patience, we can lift up opportunities for others. And, then maybe we learn something, too. Read More
Full Voice
As a school librarian, my focus is on students who are not typically given a platform to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. There are specific ways that amplifying student voice has progressed in my library that offer students an authentic audience.
Research into Practice
The school library provides the space for creating a culture of care that fosters and sustains student voice in a number of important ways.
Connection Point
This month, I'll focus on successful ways we have sought out student voices in the library.
Turn Students into Collection Developers
Instead of guessing at what your students want to read, get them involved in the collection development process. Not only will you get the benefit of student-curated lists for purchase or donation, but students get to learn more about the art of selecting books and are also able to take ownership of what is available in their library. Read More
Research: Learning by Teaching
I am fortunate to collaborate with a cadre of research teacher's assistants, hihg-school juniors who help with library functions, including student research. Read More
Student Voice with the 10 Questions for Young Changemakers
Harvard's Democratic Knowledge Project collaborated with librarians to help partner libraries learn about the Ten Questions for Young Changemakers framework, experiment on their own, and develop new learning modules and program resources to help other librarians implement the Ten Questions to cultivate civic learning. Read More
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