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Rebecca J. Morris
With this column, then, I'd love to share some recent and "next" professional reads, a smattering of library, literacy, and instructional topics. I'm not really reviewing or critiquing the titles listed below, just aiming to answer that "what are you reading" question with a little more organization than I can usually assemble. Read More
Full Voice
Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach to supporting mental health using literature. It is one of the embedded programs that forms our library's mental wellness foundations.
Research into Practice
Establishing a common language around academic achievement enables librarians to demonstrate the value of the school library program.
Connection Point
Part two of our look at the school library program through the lens of an administrator who has a special understanding of what librarians can offer.
Empathy and Equity in Library Programming
If we can commit to understanding the intersectional identities of our students and how those identities interact with the history of power, privilege, and important social issues, then we librarians will have a much better chance of realizing the potential of our positioning to create knowledgeable citizen activists. Read More
New CAEP Standards for School Librarian Preparation
The standards designed for the Initial Preparation of School Librarians (2010) and now revised as ALA/AASL/CAEP School Librarian Preparation Standards (SLPS) (2019) define the professional knowledge, skills, and behavior expected of successful school library candidates before entering the field. Read More
How Librarians Can Support Digital Story Construction
Digital stories can inspire students and offer critical learning opportunities, and equity demands that all students have the opportunity to practice this skill. In our program, collaboration with the teacher librarian was the key to technology success. Read More
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