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You're the Value Add
Rebecca J. Morris
Whether functional or conceptual, there is value in identifying things we share with fellow educators, but we must be mindful not to blend in too much, lest we forget our contributions. This notion comes to mind when considering the librarians' deep knowledge and context for navigating and evaluating information sources. Read More
Full Voice
Resource curation can be overwhelming. A strategy for staying up to date with curation that I have found to be not only helpful but also a way to develop professionally is to ensure that all that I do is tied together by the overall goals I have for the library.
Research into Practice
Have you ever considered tapping your community to build a bridge between it and the school library? A collaborative learning experience can benefit students and businesses or organizations.
Connection Point
One of the challenges I've experienced over the years is finding effective ways to share research tools. As school librarians, we want students and teachers utilizing such tools on a regular basis.
End Literacy Shaming
As educators, we can undermine students' willingness to read when we let our own reading prejudices take precedence over encouragement. By imposing rules and guidelines for what "counts" as reading, especially for supposedly "independent" reading, we create a perfect recipe for destroying interest and motivation. Read More
Ramping Up eBook Excitement
From the librarian's perspective, there are many advantages to eBooks, but students and teachers may be surprisingly resistant. We believe that with a little promotion and creative use of eBook options, you can start to turn the tide toward more eBook use and enjoyment in your school. Read More
Learning through Movement
How might the incorporation of movement into school library lessons support student learning and reduce stress? And, why does the brain need the body to move? To investigate this potential, I studied two separate, but related subjects: how teachers might counter the effects of poverty on student learning and relationships between physical exercise and learning. From this work, I developed a K-5 curricular unit with activities ranging from practicing yoga, to drawing in the air, to considering ergonomics during digital device use. Read More
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