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Editor’s Note
Nothing to Fear
Rebecca J. Morris
Innovation in content isn't the only thread connecting this issue's articles, wherein the experiences are really about being brave and trying something new, either for ourselves, our teacher and community partners, or the learners in our classrooms and libraries. And it may be that the experience is new for everyone involved!  Read More
Full Voice
Anita M Cellucci
Reflecting on Process
In my experience, Guided Inquiry is a flexible approach to learning that can be accessed by students within a variety disciplines and grade levels for a connected learning environment.
Research into Practice
Lucy Santos Green Ph.D.
Michelle Maniaci Folk
There is a body of research among instructional technologists and cognitive psychologists that has identified systems thinking as a set of skills that can help us successfully tackle and solve complex problems.
Advocacy in Reach
We can all share our professional development journeys—from learning to program implementation—while also advocating for our library program.
Reimagining Library Pursuits: CREATE-ing Spaces for Inquiry and...
This article offers two perspectives on the goals, activities, and learning experiences of this model: first, that of the Coordinator of Community Education and Engagement at the CREATE Lab and then that of a school librarian who participates as an educator partner in the CREATE Lab Satellite Network Read More
Bridging Theory and Practice: Critical Youth Studies and School...
In this article I will discuss the practice implications of Critical Youth Studies (CYS) in school libraries—a theory that views adolescence as a social construct rather than a biological and developmental stage. Read More
School Librarians Supporting STEM Education REALISD
School librarians have much to offer their teachers and students when it comes to STEM, but most librarians I interviewed felt that they were not prepared for this role.STEM education is a national priority and school librarians are in a prime position to take a leadership role in supporting this initiative and so an idea was born. Read More
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