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Unplug Making for Summer
Rebecca J. Morris
Batteries, paint brushes, fabric scraps, and robots. Pencils and paper, Legos, glue sticks, and magnifying glasses. This list could be an inventory of my home office—which serves double-duty as toddler arts and activities closet—or a few of the delightful materials that we might find in school library makerspaces. In both instances, opportunities abound for discovery and no small amount of mess and organized chaos. Read More
Full Voice
As my library has a hard focus on social and emotional learning, it seemed a natural fit to align making in this way as well. This has evolved into "social making"—a way to use our creative and critical thinking skills to help others and to work through complex social issues.
Research into Practice
Michelle Maniaci Folk
Lucy Santos Green
We encourage you to explore the growing body of research on the relationship between makerspace activities, inquiry learning, design thinking, and problem solving.
Advocacy in Reach
In this column, I will discuss how making has impacted our school library program and how it can be a powerful advocacy tool for our profession.
Makerspace Collaborations across the Curriculum
As librarians, we can collaborate with our teachers to help students make their inquiries visible through making. Given the importance of information seeking during the inquiry process, we truly have a unique chance to take a leadership role with our teachers as they implement inquiry-based learning. Read More
Technology Is Everywhere, but Where Are the Girls?
The underrepresentation of girls and women in computing is a serious issue with wide-ranging consequences. The National Center for Women in Information Technology is working to address the disparity and offers a number of helpful strategies and resources. Read More
Ambitious Science Teaching
Over a decade ago, my colleagues and I began designing, testing, and refining tools for supporting ambitious and equitable science teaching. This effort spread to include dozens of teachers working toward a shared goal of making exemplary science learning experiences commonplace for students. Read More
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